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  • I just wanted to say hi. I love your username. My favorite album/era/tour is HIStory and my favorite tour outfit is the gold pants.
    Oh I didn't know they had to be on different pages. I'll start again this weekend and try get them finished soon for you :)
    Hi there sorry for disturbing, dunno if you saw my post on page 17 of the "what ethnicity are you ?" thread lol. :)
    God I'm sorry I finished it ages ago, I'll send it as soon as I get a picture, where should I send it to again?
    No no I definitely didn't, just been busy with exams and things at college, I'll try finish it tomorrow, definitely by the end of the weekend :D
    Sorry I haven't done too much on it, it won't take much longer, when do you need it for? :)
    Hey, I don't really upload on youtube anymore since my other account was deleted, but I was thinking about uploading some earlier this week, I might do soon :)
    Hey Suzie I was just wondering if you have the time and if its possible if you can make a banner for my Wicked forum.

    It doesn't matter if you can't as you don't have the time, its just that I was happy with the graphics that you've made me before :)
    Hey sorry i am replying to your message so late. But i am doing good how are you? Thanks for sending that message
    Well we do maths in 3 stages to get the overall grade, and I got an A in the first 2 stages, but the 3rd stage is the most important as it is 50% of my grade, so hopefully if I revise a lot I'll get an A+ overall, as my other 2 were close to A+'s :D
    I'm sure you'll do fine :D Math is easy I think, I want to get an A at least in science, so I'll have to be doing a lot of work on them.
    Oh yeah right, I actually forgot you were from Denmark :lol: your English is too good ;) I think I've got a little longer than 5 weeks, maybe 6 until mine start :no: its scary how fast they've come.
    Thanks :) I only finished my revision a couple of hours ago, I've lots of work today, I need a break :lol:
    Its no problem, my revision just started for my exams, so I'll probably be on here a little less over the next few months, apart from that I'm great :D :heart:
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