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  • I just wanted to say hi. I love your username. My favorite album/era/tour is HIStory and my favorite tour outfit is the gold pants.
    Hello Little Suzie. Nice to meet you. I remember that name from that beautiful song. What are you doing today?
    Oh I didn't know they had to be on different pages. I'll start again this weekend and try get them finished soon for you :)
    Hi there sorry for disturbing, dunno if you saw my post on page 17 of the "what ethnicity are you ?" thread lol. :)
    God I'm sorry I finished it ages ago, I'll send it as soon as I get a picture, where should I send it to again?
    No no I definitely didn't, just been busy with exams and things at college, I'll try finish it tomorrow, definitely by the end of the weekend :D
    Sorry I haven't done too much on it, it won't take much longer, when do you need it for? :)
    Hey, I don't really upload on youtube anymore since my other account was deleted, but I was thinking about uploading some earlier this week, I might do soon :)
    Hey Suzie I was just wondering if you have the time and if its possible if you can make a banner for my Wicked forum.

    It doesn't matter if you can't as you don't have the time, its just that I was happy with the graphics that you've made me before :)
    Hey sorry i am replying to your message so late. But i am doing good how are you? Thanks for sending that message
    Well we do maths in 3 stages to get the overall grade, and I got an A in the first 2 stages, but the 3rd stage is the most important as it is 50% of my grade, so hopefully if I revise a lot I'll get an A+ overall, as my other 2 were close to A+'s :D
    I'm sure you'll do fine :D Math is easy I think, I want to get an A at least in science, so I'll have to be doing a lot of work on them.
    Oh yeah right, I actually forgot you were from Denmark :lol: your English is too good ;) I think I've got a little longer than 5 weeks, maybe 6 until mine start :no: its scary how fast they've come.
    Thanks :) I only finished my revision a couple of hours ago, I've lots of work today, I need a break :lol:
    Its no problem, my revision just started for my exams, so I'll probably be on here a little less over the next few months, apart from that I'm great :D :heart:
    Fingers crossed :) How have you been anyway? You feeling better , after all that happened with your Grandfather? Hope you are :better:
    I know, I can't believe it, I've got great seats for both shows too, I'm 8th row on the floor on the first show and then 1st row on the higher circle level for the next show, I'm so happy :D I was thinking of making a poster with her and MJ on it for the second show, she might see it from the higher levels :flowers:

    She did say she'll do more shows in Europe, so keep your hopes up, I hope she comes to Denmark so you can see her :yes:
    I was just saying that to my sister about an hour ago, they showed all the signs of being in love with each other, I wish they were similar in age, maybe they would have if they were.

    I just got some more Janet tickets today :D, I'm going to 2 shows in London now, really can't wait :yes:
    Its nice to know that people of all ages and walks of life love Liz and MJ too, you should watch that film I told you about that she's in Cleopatra, its great, and its on youtube, heres a link to the first part :):

    the user has uploaded the whole movie :D
    Yeah, I was praying/talking to MJ if you know what I mean, saying Liz is with you now and you can look after each other now, in heaven. I've been watching MJ's private home movies, their true friendship is shown when she brings him Gypsy and he gives her the tapestry :)
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