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  • thats why i refuse to look through google images...those autospy photos sneak up at you. booo, i like those pictures you posted, they look like those pretty display dish pics. how this for matching?
    mikes marilyn statue and jermaine and mike viewing marilyn:wub:haha
    probably since i was 14. personally it took me a while to see one of her movies... i collected her posters then. im still pissed her offcial forum got shut down a second time=( (and over arguing.
    Yes it is me, that was my first concert. It was the Victory tour and I was 8. The 80's really were the best, but you are very lucky to have the computer and youtube, you can find and enjoy anything. No unfortunately I never met him, but he did wave to me and give me the peace sign at one of his concerts, so I feel very lucky and thankful for that. How long have you been a fan? Did you ever see him in concert or meet him?
    aw yea...=( its sad she died so early, imagine what fans thought at that time, especially without internet to find other fans. those photos are great in the photoshop thread. did you make them? i like the mirror one. have you ever been to her crypt? its so amazing how open it is for mm fans to go in and see her though...leave flowers,notes right there, the lipstick kisses they leave too, and sit on her bench to reflect. i hope to visit both mike and her at some point. eh, depressing. i cant believe mj fans are going to have pilgrimage like mm fans now each year. but, on a lighter note, at least we have good fan communities for comfort huh.
    Awww poor you, I am always thinking of you and I am praying that you will be fine again soon. :worried:

    Goodnight to you too. Sweet dreams.. Sending you lots of Love and big hugs (((HUGGLES))) I Love you xxx
    I Want you back so much.. Please take me with you :cry:
    You the only one who understan this world..
    I wanna be were you are now..I wanna be with! :cry:
    Take me with you Michael... Please, Michael, Please.. Im caring about you and love you so much than any other...I'll leave my family for you... I only want you
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