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  • I'm not the best of company right now...sorry.....I dont know what to do. I want to be with him. I feel so alone.. :cry: Thanks anyway.
    I know how you feel. I love him like I never loved anyone. I love him more than myself. Oh God! He left a void that will never be filled. I can't live without him. This is so hard... I think about him everyday and I miss him so... I dont know how to live my life without him anymore. The pain is so deep. I just wanna be with him, where ever he is. It just a nightmare with no end. I wanna die right now..:weeping:
    Thanks for support. I feel really low today..
    I really think I cant live without Michael. I love him too much, I think I will never be able to love another man. My heart belongs to him alone. I can't help it. I must be insane....:worried:

    Not well. How about you?
    I want Michael back..I am so crazy...

    I wish you a lovely weekend!!! Hugs to you..
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