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  • I had my French test the day Liz passed, I was so lucky I did it before I knew or I wouldn't be able to concentrate.
    Me too, I hope our flowers are sent soon, to let her family know, MJ's fans are thinking of them.
    Seeing all the tributes in the newspapers was sad today, especially when none of my friends knew who she was, or anything she has been in :( Are you feeling okay? :better:
    Thats how I came to know about her, her love of MJ, but then I watched a film called Cleopatra that she's in and she was amazing, and she was an amazing humanitarian just like MJ, she helped a lot of AIDS/HIV cases, and has her own charity dedicated to it.
    Her love for MJ was so blatantly obvious, I knew she didn't have long left though, she hasn't looked well at all since MJ passed, I'm just in shock about the whole situation. I keep playing Elizabeth I Love You now, and I normally hardly ever listen to it :( Together Again too.
    I was having a really good day until I found out, I donated to the MJJC account that they set up for her, but if anything at least MJ has his closest friend with him now, the two angels are together :angel:
    I'm really sad now Elizabeth has passed :cry:, these past few years so many people have died :(
    It really does sound she's saying fried egg lol, I've heard quite a few people say thats what it sounds like she's saying. Her mother payed for her to make the video for the song apparently, using money to become famous :lol:
    I know right, I don't know why people actually like it, its one of the worst songs I've ever heard :lol:
    It sounds good :D, I was scared it was going to something like that stupid Friday song :lol: I've been loving Janet's Nothing recently, I've been playing it all day, she really sounds like a softer toned version of MJ in that song :flowers:
    She actually rescheduled it for tomorrow :lol: not complaining more time for me to revise it :) thanks for asking. How was your day today?
    Yeah, I just watched one of her films the other week called Cleopatra and it was awesome, she's a great actress :D
    Well French has been in modules so we've been having exams every couple of Months for our coursework. Did you hear about Elizabeth Taylor being in hospital? I hope she's okay, she was such a great friend to MJ, some of us here on MJJC are going to send her flowers, I'm going to donate, I think she's such a nice woman and a legendary actress :yes:
    Well she did a great job :) I've got so much work to do today :( I've got a French speaking exam tomorrow.
    Its the other way around for me, I'm hardly ever on facebook :lol:, and yeah it looks so real, a lot better than others I've seen :D
    Thats good to hear :) I've been okay too ;) you should put that picture you have on facebook of you and MJ as your avatar its a great picture :D :heart:
    sure i am good girl don't worry....and what about you?
    Are you ok?
    Hey stranger :) I haven't talked to you in a good few days. How are things with you, hope you're coping :huggy: :heart:
    :huggy: sweetie, I just read your thread and don't worry you aren't alone in feeling the way you feel. I to am in the some position although mine isn't with Michael mine is with another celebrity who I have fallen IN LOVE with and have been for several years.

    My advice is to ignore all those heartless people that have obviously never been IN LOVE before or how to deal with it. Everything that your experiencing is normal to go through at your age, and with in time it will get easier and things won't hurt so much.

    You'll love them still but it will be a completely different love and it will make it SO much easier to deal with trust me :huggy:

    If you ever need to talk I'm only a PM away, so chin up sweetie :group:
    I don't mind you ask my age ....I am 43 and feels old compare to you ...I have a son your age :)

    Have a nice day ..
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