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  • I was a little shocked by seeing the replies you got ......As a great MJ fan I think they have to understand indeed!!

    Ohhh well happy birthday Little Suzie's brother :)
    No need to thank me ...Of course I know what you meant ;)
    I can not even imagine how people could NOT fall in love with this georgious man, and of course we are a little jealous of all the woman he knew ...we just wish it was us;)
    Yea i have asked but they don't know maybe just a computer thing i suppose!;)
    it is Ok. it does not bother me..:)
    Yea but look at the date?27-10-2010:doh:
    I don't know what happened to my date now! it is a big mystery like Michael!!;)
    Thanks anyway girl......:cheers:
    Thank you Little Suzie...I am a "old" member have been away for awhile...really don't know why my date of joining has changed?
    See you around ;)
    Really, you like her old stuff? When I was younger I really loved her old stuff, like Oops I Did It Again and stuff, but now I find bubble gum pop so cringe worthy :lol:, I can't even listen to it, but I would say my favourites of hers are Toxic, I'm A Slave and Piece Of Me.
    Maths is the one I've got the most for, I've missed out on a lot of trigonometry work :/, and I've got a lot of ICT work too.
    Yeah it does, like he said in This Is It the world is sick, I've got so much work to do this weekend , I have to catch up on all the work I missed from being ill this week :no:
    they were just showing it on the news here, it was so sad. Thats what I loved so much about MJ, he had a genuine care for the world, and really wanted to make a change for the better :yes:
    I hear that it could cause a tsunami in Hawaii and west coast America :( I think its far from over, it makes me tear up.
    I've been listening to What More Can I Give, We Are The World, Heal The World and We've Had Enough a lot since I heard :heart:
    Me too, if I ever became a celebrity I would definitely give as much money as I could, this reminds me of Haiti and the song I wrote for it, things like this really upset me :(
    I feel that way too, I wish I could do something :( if there's a charity single or anything I'll buy it to show my support even if I don't like it.
    I've been trying since you told me, and I haven't sorted it yet :no: I'll keep trying and let you know if I fix it :D

    Did you hear about Japan :sad: MJ would be so sad, and want to do something to help...
    I don't think anyone hacked me or that I got banned, I was doing something with my google account today, and did something about my youtube on there maybe that was it, I only meant to cancel the google account not the youtube one :(, and I don't think its gonna let me reactivate it, I'll have to make a new one I think :/
    Thats what I thought for Hold My Hand, it was just montage footage, Akon and a few dancers, but in this video, there was no montage footage, but some clips from MJ music videos on billboards (which I thought was very cool :))
    Yeah, I was thinking of that song, but I couldn't remember the name, I'm happy that they're not just giving us montage videos and are actually putting some hard work into it, I'll give them that :yes:
    I think it was better than Hold My Hand, as it was more creative and had a story behind it, for a posthumous video I think its great.
    But I think it would have been better if they did something like virtual reality type kind of thing or an animation, kind of like avatar, to make it really look like Michael and then have travis do the dancing or something in green screen, but overall I like it and I'm gonna keep watching it for MJ :D
    It is, the versatility in his voice is amazing :D and thank you I hope I'll be better in the next few days :yes: :heart:
    Yeah, he does something different with his voice there I love it :D I have the flu :puke: been really ill all day :(
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