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  • I think Best Of Joy has become one of my favourite MJ ballads, I still can't get over the amazing vocals on it :D
    Hey there :)... im 25.. wat about you?
    Thanks for always caring... :)

    We all have our opinions though, if we were only given breaking news I think I wouldn't believe its him, but on Monster and Keep Your Head Up, I can hear more Michael in it, none of them are my favourites off the album anyway, Best Of Joy and Behind The Mask are the masterpieces on the album I think :D
    I know 5 pages :lol:, yeah I do think its MJ for the most part, but the editing, pitch changing, and backing that isn't him and things makes it questionable, what do you think about it?
    No, I don't even think we knew the word until we heard the song :lol:, we were such innocent children, much has changed haha :)
    Yeah I was only young too, I remember when the swearing in scream came on, because our parents would get mad if we swore, me, my brother and sister would say I won't tell if you don't :lol: and we'd all sing f#ck!ng Janet :hysterical:.
    When he say She says I am the one, it does sound like his name :yes:
    The worst was in Ghost's when he says I don't understand it, and then the backing starts, I just used to do gibberish :lol: in Scream, when they say stop F#ck!ng with me, I thought they said stop F#ck!ng Janet :lol: in Blood on the dance floor I used to say she dug 7 inches in :hysterical: there was so many :yes:
    Okay I will do when I go on :), I remember all the MJ lyrics I used to do wrong when I was really young :lol:
    ah since birth :lol:. Its all I ever do, but I get really nervous to do it outside my house :yes:
    :lol: okay ;) my hair is so long and messy in that video, I should of have done it when I cut my hair lol.
    Aw thanks, I only just had the courage to put it up a couple of weeks ago :) I think I'll be adding more soon, once I get some time away from all this work, glad you liked it, I'm all happy now :lol:
    Yeah I remember it from the movie ;), I really love that kind of tribal music, its something I really wish MJ experimented with :yes: and its raz29114 :D
    :lol: I'm getting Madonna mixed up with the Jackson's lol, yeah thats what I meant, it sounds very similar to me, even though I like Gaga, thats something I don't like about her, she seems to copy a lot off Madonna.
    At first I really hated it, but I think its growing on me. I still don't think its as good as some of her other songs, and the video for it is really weird, but I guess thats Gaga for you :lol:, it really does sound like a rip off of Madonna's Enjoy Yourself though :yes:
    Erm... its not really my type of music, but it was okay I guess :lol:, you like it I'm guessing?
    Oh right, seriously must be better at english than me :D I only really write like that because my friends probably can't even read the real words properly:lol:
    Yeah, I guess I use 'slang', but you're not english so I don't want to confuse you :D
    Yeah, its definitely the highlight of the album, theres 3 that really stand out to me Hollwood Tonight, Best Of Joy, and Behind The Mask they are something I could really imagine MJ releasing had he not passed.
    Just got my Janet tickets 8th row from stage 2nd July, I can't wait !!
    I really can't stop listening to Best Of Joy off the 'Michael', I'm so glad that among all the controversy that beautiful ballad is on it :D what do you think of it??
    I know, got a new laptop, and I haven't downloaded it yet, I've got a lot of coursework right now, but I will download it soon, and then we can have a propper catch up :)
    She's fine now, thanks for asking :D, a little less active than she used to be but she's well
    oh yeah I remember, well he doesn't know what he missing :D :heart:, I hope your coping with your grandfathers passing, I remember when my grandmother fell ill, it was unbearable, lots of L.O.V.E. to you.
    Okay great to know you're okay :D, Janet's tickets went on sale for 2 of her 3 shows. I've tried to get tickets but I can't get any on ticketmaster, all thats left are single seats right at the back for both shows, I really want to go, I guess I'll have to wait until the 3rd show.
    So whats going on with this romance you talked about anyway hun? hope your okay :hug:
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