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  • Ah I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather, thats tragic news, I hope you're coping :huggy: I really thought I had accepted MJ's passing and then yesterday Gone Too Soon came on the MJJC stream, and I had to mute it, it really got to me I haven't listened to it since he passed :( hope your okay though L.O.V.E. :heart:
    Yeah its been a long time since we talked, I'm great thanks, school holidays here in the UK, but so much school work to do :( how about you ?? great to talk to you again :hug:
    hello :) I added a little glitter to your siggy, I hope you like
    I'm fine thanx, how are you?? Sorry for my late response:doh: haha
    Where r u from?
    Thank you, Suzie! :flowers: I am feeling very well. How are you? Why did you remove me from your friends list? :/
    Yes, I am 28 years old! I know, I look younger, they all say it to me, I have to show my identification always!! xD
    Suzan, I've been sooo away lately. I've missed you. Has something gone wrong around here? I'm a little bit worried... I'll log in here much more often, don't worry. Love :heart:
    thanks Suzie, it means a lot :) I think I should go to bed now I don't want to look like a zombie on my birthday lol, speak soon :D
    hey, its been ages. I was starting to think you were going to be perminantly banned, how have you been? :)
    unless this whole mess is sorted out I'm afraid I'm with you :( It saddens me to see the community like this, this is tearing the community apart :cry:
    :hug: Cheer up! You sure are beautiful inside and outside... just believe in yourself :flowers:
    I 100% agree MJ never said his own name in songs, and thats not the way he said his name either !
    I don't think sony would release a 100% fake song, unless they were testing the water, to see if we would notice, which we obviously did. There are deffinate parts where if I issolated everything I know I would here MJ, but I'm not gonna be convinced unless they release a video of him recording it, a statement would mean nothing to me, thats not proof !!
    I don't see why they would do this when they could have played it safe and chose Escape, Hold My Hand, or Another Day all of which are better songs !! :bugeyed
    Hey Suzie... I with you :censored: $ony, I'm still in shock over BN. The song itself is good, and I know I can hear Michael there in parts, but I can tell Michaels voice anywhere and I can tell in many places it isn't him :(.
    I don't even know if I want to buy the album now, I said I would pre order it yesterday, but after I heard BN I couldn't even bring myself to it :sad:
    Hay Suzie...can u send me the link for the accapella version of the song please!! :flowers:
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