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  • hai :girl_happy: hai

    oshit jag will kill me :ninja:

    take these


    'can you see ches'?'



    ^ just one button left... :angel:
    U looked good on the cover of Rolling Stone even though you looked away...

    (I love how that joke never gets old!)

    Miss ya!
    fecking site backup deleted the msg I left here

    here we go again

    this page needs MOAR Mikka and Merlin [IMG]


    ROTFL !!!oooooooh !~ILU !:give_heart:
    your cutie message floored me ,~~straaaaaight mike- tyson- in- its- heyday- ~FLOOOORED ME:bugeyed haaaaa !:wild: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!:toofunny::giggle:
    So your busy ~no prob ,but when you can though ~come to appleheads some timeeeeeeeeeee,:yes: we all miss you london babyyyyyyyyyyyygal!!!!!!!:shout:

    yams :D
    :huh: yamajama:bugeyed:wild:
    imma spread the word :wild:

    ah ,your not the silly one ..IM the supasilly one ! haaaa :hysterical:
    !yams!:shout::dancing:sing it now "

    wub you ~:angel:

    ps , shes not me :bugeyed ~
    *london*shes not you ??
    *me*~nope , ~
    *london**gasp*who is it (boombooom) then ?!!!!
    *me*shes my um...........evil dream twin :yes: :evil: :D:wild: :hysterical:
    Look I found a twin brother of the one that opens Appleheads to let the madness begin!

    Londress got her ass on my wall and now I have even more apples that I love there.
    Me likey :yes: :) :huggy:
    ooh......... is THAT what it ment ,oooh it ment that ..riggght .....k , cos , i thought it ment .
    i like yams .:yes:
    free your ants in yer pants baby :wild::dance: xox
    london is here !!
    welcome back babe .
    oh yhes ....:unsure:
    about those pants lunnnnnnnnnnndunbabe...i ~see they are stuck proper ~i cant take em off now ,,,not ever ...*shrugs*. what does ILU mean ?:huh::excited:
    Look who's missing you guuuuurl :in_love:
    He is slightly embarrassed to confess his true feelings, but his smile says it all.

    "Mike, do you miss London?"

    London i miss u honey :( Just wanted to let you know i am not having a mental break down any more! Need to speak to u tho when u get a minute give us a PM! ILY XXX
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