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  • You're welcome Lorr.
    For some reason, I always remember your birthday. Hope it was an exceptionally great one! :)
    Take care Love....
    Hey there! :) Wishing you a very lovely and wonderful birthday today.
    Happy birthday Lorraine!! :birthday:
    Hey there missy. Hope you are doing OK. Better than OK cuz it's your birthday! :D

    Well, I like this gif so much that I wanted to share it with you:

    I hope you like it too and ENJOY YOURSELF today and always.
    Your friend (I hope, still) Silouette~
    "Thanks" for your words of support!:rolleyes:

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised, you being a flamer fan and all!
    Hon, I just had one of the most traumatic experiences of my life!:bugeyed I bought this out of print DVD on craigslist.

    It's the story of a guy who has to choose between two women.


    Anyway, when I asked the seller which of the chicks he would've chosen he said none because he would've picked Josh Hartnett!:bugeyed

    So he was a genuine bona fide FLAMER!:bugeyed

    I was so traumatized by the experience, I used isopropyl alcohol on the cellophane wrap and I washed my hands ten times!:bugeyed

    Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I work through this difficult time.
    I did quite a bit of searching for this page! Since certain impressionable individuals can be influenced by celebrities, please show it to any loved ones who think about getting tattoos!;)
    Let me say that just because I've chosen to make amends with you, if you expect me to do the same with that other party then you're pushing your luck!:cool:
    This time, I'm going to turn the other cheek slightly. While it would've been better if you'd stood by me as I defended my honor, I'm going to take your advice and "move on" because I sincerely feel that our friendship is worth more than holding on to this grudge!:) If you can put up with my contrary feelings about *******, I've concluded it's only fair that I give you a pass for your stance on this issue!
    That onesie your daughter got you is very cute and you are too in that pic you sent me!:)
    I wouldn't say I've been trying to upset you, just testing your confidence in certain ideas and people.

    Assuming you aren't putting up a front, I'm glad you haven't lost your confidence.:)
    You tell me.;)

    What's made you lose confidence in yourself all of a sudden?:thinking:
    Oh dear, more bad news for the Beeb:

    Justin Bieber Cancels Portugal Show Over Poor Ticket Sales
    You've been rather withdrawn lately.

    Have my questions about the nurse and po' widdle Justin upset you?:thinking::rolleyes::D
    This made the news even here. I imagine it's a topic of some discussion over there.

    'This man is worrying me on the bus': Prophetic tweet of 16-year-old girl a month before she was stabbed to death on her journey to school

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