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  • Ah, but it's not in a magazine, it's on a website!:D

    I found the line about him not having time for a hug to be hilarious!:rofl:


    You must read this article for the entertainment value if nothing else!:D

    Justin Diva! 'Stroppy' Bieber was two hours late for own concert because he was 'playing video games and threw a tantrum'
    Did you guys boo him?

    Justin Bieber booed by London fans angry over late concert start

    He could show off his butt in tight pants not like a ******!:rolleyes:
    I know you're daughter likes Justin Bieber . . . . What a role model!:rolleyes:


    I liked his old girlfriend Selena Gomez. If this is his new squeeze, she's probably using him to advance her career the way Willa Ford used Nick Carter!!



    I believe the sagging pants phenomenon originated in the prison system as a sign that the wearer was available for gay sex.:bugeyed[IMG]
    What the hell?! You saw my reminder for a reply and still didn't respond?! That's unacceptable! You'd better have a helluva an excuse!
    While most people might publicly say it's "disgusting" to fit the tenor of the times, doesn't he have a right to request who treats his newborn?

    And should a hospital be sued for complying with a patient's request?
    You haven't replied to my previous message yet?!

    How dare you not drop everything to comply with my request!
    Please read this article and give me your opinion on the merit of the suit.

    I'm particularly interested in what you have to say because of your profession.
    I'm reminded of the fact that I can't have a profile pic without being a donator.[IMG]

    Obviously, you don't want one one bad enough!
    I'll try to do so soon. What's your opinion of posting the donating amount of the donor? Do you think it spurs donations?

    It's beyond time for you to donate again!:bugeyed
    You haven't done anything for the last fifteen minutes so you'll probably automatically log out soon.
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