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  • Haven't I followed enough of your recommendations, from Bruno to Ed and even a double dip from queer Darren?

    That last bit probably wasn't the best choice of words!:bugeyed:D
    What do you think of Justin Timberlake's latest song and video, 'Suit and Tie' featuring Jay-Z?:thinking:

    I'd link it but official videos are restricted by region I believe.
    Well, with that explanation everything has been straightened out!

    Maybe you'd have more time to rest if you didn't have to follow "The Real Obee"!:rolleyes::D
    I don't know what's scarier. The fact that he thinks it's necessary to call himself the "The Real Obee" or that someone would actually impersonate him.
    I'm anxious to know if my accounts have been set up properly so please try them as soon as conveniently as possible.
    Well, I finally set up my SongPop account. My user account is "agent__m". I think that's 2 spaces.
    Oh darn, you didn't see my previous message before you left . . . and it was important!
    I just listened to your daughter's song and it is amazing!! She has a really beautiful voice and the song was very moving!:):yes:
    Okay, I will.

    You're welcome!:) At least some people around here are grateful for my efforts and sacrifices!:rolleyes:;):D
    If you could get on the laptop sometime and provide the links and pics, like you said you would, that would be very intresting.
    I have gone through the set up process.

    So the only way to add contacts is via phone number?

    You can't customize the user name? It has to be a long e-mail?
    I see. Did she practice beforehand to make the most of her studio time? What were the 3 CDs? Justin Bieber, One Direction, and . . . Milli Vanilli?!:D

    Edit: or do you mean 3 CDs of her recording?
    I see. Is a phone number necessary to add a contact? How would you add me as I don't have an iPhone but an iPod?
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