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  • I knoww girl its been so so long!! :eek: missed youuu!!! :)
    Ive been good!! just working away. how about you??
    Its sooo warm here today..yayyy!! :sun:

    Liada y vaga.... así que mal, pero pronto llegan las vacaciones y tendremos nuestro descanso, tu de la uni y yo del mundo :lmao:
    Cuídate mucho preciosa :heart:
    Llevo más de un mes sin entrar aquí, lo del juicio absorvía mis energias y tiempo. Además este año tengo un horario de mi****. Todos los días arriba a las 6.30 con lo que no tengo ni tiempo ni ganas de nada, llego a casa tarde y el cuerpo sólo me pide sofa :lol:

    Espero que tu vayas algo más relajada y estés bien, a ver si llega diciembre y con las vacaciones coincidimos otra vez, ya sea aquí o en msn.

    :hug: Cuidate y se buena guapa.

    De vuelta a la realidad!!! :( Cómo estás guapa? Espero que bien, qué tal fue ese mes de agosto? :D

    Te echo de menos... cuídate.

    Besos :heart:
    Sorry for the late reply. How are you? Guess what? I found an MJ tshirt today :D They only had it in a mens medium, but being the crazy fan that I am, I bought it! :wild:
    :lol: He's losing his meanness :p To be honest, I didn't pay that much attention to it when it was on so I wouldn't have noticed that he didn't say it :(
    Keep nagging her for it! I got another highscore today :D
    Isn't it? It's impossible for me to find one :( So frustrating.. I don't want to come back home next summer break if I can't get a job lol.. I'll just stay in my uni town and find one there :p
    I'm watching it! I missed the premiere :( My favourite part is the signature dishes lol. I'll watch it online!
    You should get it! SO MUCH FUN! And there are little video bits that teach you the actual dance routines :p My family made fun of me for already knowing them though :lol: I mean when all you do is watch youtube vids of him and download his concerts, you're gonna know the dance routines right? :p
    Well seeing as I'm going on a cruise at the end of august and then I'm back in Kingston for the rest of the year.. it wouldn't make much sense to get a job lol. I'm not gonna be home for that much longer... oh well. I'll get one in Kingston. Do you have a job?

    Does it?! New season?! :wild:
    Not much really.. Looking for a job STILL! So frustrating! And sorry I thought I replied to this already :( I saw HP last night! And at the midnight showing! IT WAS AMAZING! I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan! Are you??

    Hope you're well :hug:

    Oh yeah, for my birthday I got the Michael Jackson Experience for Wii! I've been addicted to it LOL
    Your siggy rocks. :)

    I do not think i've seen that move int the movie when i saw it in the theater, maybe it's in the dvd only. I have nit bought the dvd as i know it'll make me sad.
    That's good to know! :) So what are your plans for the summer??

    BTW, you're killing me with these photos :heat: Why is he so beautiful? I ask myself that multiple times a day:p
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