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  • Hey there,

    You have to now use and external picture uploader to host the image then use the url in your post here :)
    I'm good, thanks. Frankly, it's quite surprising to hear from you after all this time and other assorted circumstances.
    That's sad. But was it de jure discrimination or de facto discrimination?

    The quotation is from former Nixon, Ford, and Reagan advisor Patrick Buchanan's latest book.
    I didn't hear about "grime" until you mentioned it. I have to ask. Is it grimy? I have heard the term "crunk" although I'm not sure I'd recognize it if I heard it.

    Former football player and current analyst Howie Long said you're old when you no longer recognize the music being played.

    By "football" I'm referring to American football so you may not know the personality I'm referring to. His point still stands though.
    I remember really enjoying Jurassic Park when I saw it at the cinema in 1993. It's hard to believe it's been twenty years! My friend paid for the tickets for about ten of us. That remains the most number of people I saw a movie with.

    I believe they're working on a fourth installment of the franchise.
    Regarding your radio listening, do you find this statement to be correct?

    "Even our music seems designed to divide us. Where we once had classical, pop, country and western, and jazz, now we have countless varieties tailored to separate and exclude races, generations, and ethnic groups."
    Due to the heavy Jewish involvement in the production of Jurassic Park, I remember seeing graffiti referring to it as "Hasidic Park."
    There's too many to name so I'm just going to go with the blockbusters that come to mind:

    Total Recall, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Goldeneye, Mission Impossible, Men In Black, The Matrix.

    That should do for now.
    I don't listen to the radio so I'm totally oblivious to what's playing. It may be a generational thing. Music directed towards younger people rarely appeals to mature individuals. Switch stations!
    You're right, I was thinking of Yorkshire Pudding, however there is a Yorkshire Pie as well!:D

    My weekend is going great so far! I got a lot of outstanding tasks done yesterday and I enjoyed it!:yes:
    Isn't there a famous dish called Yorkshire pie? When I said I didn't want the reputation of Yorkshire to suffer that's what I was alluding to because I don't know what else Yorkshire is famous for!:cool:
    Yeah, I kept in mind who I was conversing with you! If I was conversing with Word Smith Sr., I would've picked a more one risqué one!:D

    Yes, I do although my tastes have diversified.

    It's poetic license.
    A lot of the atrocious spelling on the internet is due to "texting" shorthand.

    People rarely read. I believe 52% of college graduates never read a book again in their lives after graduating so you can imagine how bad it is for those who never went to college.

    Most people who visit libraries go there to check out movies and fashion magazines!
    In the 90s, I remember spending a lot of the income from my first job to create a Guess? wardrobe. It didn't hurt that Claudia Schiffer was the face of Guess? then!

    You alluded to the "controversy" surrounding Abecrombie & Fitch, then alerted me of the necessity to know "what the early 90s was like," which suggests that the period was not a harmonious one.
    Sometimes I can only spare a few minutes to check my messages. Well, I adapt with the times but I do have to say that I'm fond the 90s as it was during that decade that I experienced my formative years.
    I believe Tommy Hilfiger label also suffered the same controversy. You consider the early 90s the bad old days?
    Well, then I'm sorry I didn't bring it up "a few weeks ago"!:D Better late than never I guess!:cool:

    Maybe it wasn't that big a hit?

    I did think that was true . . . until I read your explanation!:D
    No, my propaganda purpose is to stigmatize eating out, particularly at fast food outlets.
    Please watch this classic music video to appreciate the health hazards associated with Chinese food!:bugeyed:D

    LFO - Summer Girls
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