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  • For the record, I never said there's anything wrong with experiencing another culture.

    Of course, not all of their goods are bad but they are, as I noted, generally of a lower quality and notorious for their shoddy workmanship. Furthermore, when foreign companies produce in China, China assumes it owns all your intellectual property.

    Worst of all, the profits go to a Chinese politburo that uses them to buy weapons and key resources like oil.
    I know what you're referring to. I just found it too anomalous and exceptional to integrate with my experience so I explained my appreciation for the phenomenon within my frame of reference.

    I have had popsicles when it's cold!:bugeyed
    Thanks to your message, I was reminded to wish a "Happy Chinese New Year!" to someone.:)

    I'm wary of Chinese made goods. They're often of dubious quality and made with pirated industrial processes and in poor labor conditions.

    Additionally, the profits go to a Chinese politburo we're likely to be at war with sometime down the road.

    There were plenty of opportunities as my city has a very large Chinese community but I couldn't be bothered to change my schedule to accommodate them.
    Yes, I'm "sure" I enjoy it.:yes:

    I also enjoy a cool glass of water, juice, or milk especially when it's hot. I've never thought of it as numbing though.

    You see!! That's what I was talking about, TV influencing your perceptions!!:bugeyed
    The phrase "given it up for good" carries too strong a tone of finality. I prefer to say "given it up [indefinitely]."
    I could but I'm not committed enough to be a stranger again even though I always was and am even more so now than I was when I first joined!:bugeyed
    At my (former?) church, the median age of the congregation was about 75, with many members in their 80s and 90s!:bugeyed

    Furthermore, several years ago there was an enormous influx of Filipino immigrants and now they get their own service in Tagalog.
    That's one of many reasons I don't really go to church much anymore; I've only gone once in the last couple of years. The major one is the diluted doctrine.
    I've sent it!

    But you have to inundate me to make up for my many month absence last year, remember?!

    Bye now!
    They were called that because they purportedly introduced or expanded a phenotype different from the somatic norm.

    I haven't read the book but I saw the film adaptation with Laurence Olivier.

    I'm glad you liked the book.
    I'm going to try to send my aborted private message now or I could just type my one sentence reply here but you don't like it when I continue private conversations on profile.
    Well, the Bee Gees haven't radically altered their appearance nor have they been charged with child abuse so any ammunition for a backlash would be relatively mild.

    Prince's band members were resentful of Prince or Michael?
    What a coincidence!:bugeyed Someone mentioned this video to me when I was ranting against fake faith healer Benny Hinn!:bugeyed

    And, yes, I love it too!:yes:
    No, Ferdinand and Isabella expelled the Jews and Moors in 1492. The Moors had ruled there for 800 years after the Jews had helped facilitate their invasion and occupation. Limpieza de sangr,e meaning "cleanliness of blood," referred to those who were considered pure "Old Christians" without Muslim or Jewish ancestors, or within the context of the empire (New Spain and Portuguese India) those without Amerindian, Asian or African ancestry. So the overwhelming majority of those Spanish seamen were of European descent.
    Yes, that is interesting that he commented on Michael. It just goes to show the incredible span of Michael's career which should have been longer still had he not prematurely passed away.

    Michael partly brought that on himself but mostly it was due to the inexorable fate of the extremely popular also creating a clique that resents that popularity.
    I've noticed people dressed more formally in the 40s and 50s; even the common man wore shirts, pants, and hats.

    I think informal dress took a hold of society in the counterculture 60s.

    Can the the comments be funny and offensive at the same time and if so does that to some extent excuse them?
    By necessity and pleasure, I'm a book worm. I read books and I also listen to audio books. I haven't read any of Baldwin's writings except for the odd reference to them.

    Perhaps his intelligence is what is known as "street smarts"?:thinking:
    What do you know of the so-called Black Irish, said to have descended from Spanish sailors after the sinking of their naval armada in 1588?
    Hi!:) Mine, was good thanks! I learned how to cook rice in the microwave as opposed to the stove!

    I think they should proceed with haste on the Ghostbusters reunion as the major players are starting to age appreciably and they could all use the career boost!
    I understand but I wanted to put you through the intellectual exercise of explaining a basic premise. I think it's good to examine core assumptions from time to time plus it creates conversation!
    Looks Irish? Describe the Irish look please.

    What, if anything, did he say about the Ghostbusters reunion?
    Hey, thanks for the link.:) That video is pretty bare bones!:bugeyed:D The song did have a Jacksons vibe.:yes:

    I like Phil Collins voice. One of these days I'll try to get more acquainted with his music.

    P.S. Do you think Phil looks like Bill Murray?:thinking:
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