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  • You're perfectly entitled to feel surprised!:yes:

    What, if any, difference should there be for mourning strangers?:thinking: This is getting philosophical!:D
    The soap opera I watched for about a year and a half was Days of Our Lives in the late 90s. I stopped when they wrote out my favorite characters and/or replaced the actors that originally portrayed them.
    No, I was being completely serious.

    Perhaps, because you were raised with religious values, which are currently being replaced with secular ones, you didn't have that tough a time with media influence. It's certainly effective in brainwashing the young and impressionable, especially those without any traditional foundation.
    Just as there's a niche of female action film fans, there's also a niche of male soap opera fans but the fan base of the latter is predominantly female!

    My exposure to Diana Ross is through Michael Jackson. I don't own any of her albums yet although I appreciate the music of hers I have come across.:)
    Are you sure? Hasn't it helped shape your values, allegiances and prejudices, and defined cultural standards of fashion and beauty? Hasn't the news it did and didn't report defined what's supposed to be important and what's not? Haven't character archetypes and plot conventions constructed the morality tales and parables the media masters and advertisers want you to absorb?
    Are you saying they're no longer that strict or that people have moved on to other forms of media?

    People grieve in different ways; he may have already had a catharsis and come to resignedly accept the event as part of his life. If he was planning a stand-up routine around the murder, then I'd be concerned!:bugeyed
    Hey, thanks for the link!:) I didn't know Larry Hagman was a singer and a rather decent one at that. I also saw Muhammad Ali in that clip, The Greatest boxer maybe but definitely not such a great singer!:D

    I noticed Diana Ross was doing arena shows at that time. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Michael was as well until the success of Thriller propelled him (and the Jacksons) into doing stadium shows. So in Los Angeles, while Diana was performing at The Forum, Michael, in a few years, would be performing at Dodger Stadium.
    I've never watched either version of Dallas.:no: As far as I know it is/was an evening soap opera and that genre doesn't really appeal to guys!:bugeyed:D Through cultural osmosis I have, of course, heard of the "Who shot J.R.?" cliffhanger. By the way, who did shoot J.R.?

    Truth be told, I haven't watched a TV show during its original airing in years though I did watch some DVD box sets of 24 rather recently.

    As I was lecturing Lorraine, you need to be very selective with your TV viewing because not only does it waste time but, more critically, it regresses your mind into a passive state.
    Not that it would in any way make her deserving of her fate but there is some question over whether she knew her assailants. The company you keep can bring you down!:bugeyed
    I just realized that your question is also a euphemistic way of asking whether someone is a prostitute!:D
    There's been some tragic news related to the inauguration. A 15 year old honor roll student who performed at the inauguration was gunned down by gang members. You can read more about her here:

    15-Year-Old Girl Shot And Killed In Kenwood Neighborhood Park
    When the task requires it!

    I haven't seen the Bad 25 documentary yet but I still bought the deluxe edition of the album when it came out!:yes: However, better timing of the film's release would surely have helped the album's sales with the general public.

    If you mean the coronation of Emperor Obama, yes, I saw a couple of news reports on it!:bugeyed
    Don't worry, be happy!:yes: Just because we aren't having a live conversation that doesn't mean we are not having a conversation!
    Even I usually save the ice cream for the summer months!:D But if you eat it in an adequately heated room there shouldn't be any problem with enjoying it.:yes:
    I enjoy and require my rest as well so I sympathize with your present difficulties.

    I'll be checking in from time to time; I can't say when exactly.
    Yes, my schedule, at the moment is not as busy as it recently was!:yes: Although my sleep cycle is abnormal!:D
    I'm sorry to hear about your predicament. Have you tried wearing earplugs? Have you asked these neighbors to quieten down? Have you inquired about noise ordinance statutes?
    You've posted on your own profile!:bugeyed:D

    In answer to your question, if the assignment demands it!:yes:
    If you're "exhausted," I hope whatever you have to do doesn't require alertness like driving a car or operating industrial machinery!:bugeyed:unsure::D
    I'm quite tired so I don't know.:unsure: I wouldn't count on it. I woke up prematurely and decided to check my messages.
    I'm trying to check in every couple of days.:yes: It's you who's been missing in action!:bugeyed:D

    Yeah, I've heard about the weather from my European contacts. That's normal for most of Canada at this time of year but here on the coast it's quite a bit milder though still quite cold. I love it!:wild:
    I'm keeping one of my resolutions which is to be here more often . . . and only a few hours after you to boot!:D

    2012 was an all right year for me. Nothing superlative like a promotion or marriage happened but neither did a demotion or divorce!

    A great man said "make that change!":D:yes:
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