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  • Well, I'm back here quite soon by my standards!:D I don't want to make any promises I can't keep but if I have some spare time I'll try to make a conscious effort to spend a portion of it here.

    It's going out of style because no keeps them, except me of course, when I feel the impetus to make them!:D

    Yes, I did!:yes::) Did you? You should answer soon before the memory fades or becomes distorted.
    I read, repped, and thanked your post of the review which I enjoyed reading immensely. It has certainly encouraged me to watch the documentary.:yes::)
    Congratulations on winning the competition to attend the premiere!:punk: I'll check out your review when I have the opportunity.:yes:
    I love Michael but frankly with his effeminate appearance and soft voice he wasn't exactly the most convincing tough guy!:bugeyed:D

    I did purchase the deluxe edition of Bad 25 when it was released so I don't think I missed it.:thinking: It's a shame it wasn't more commercially successful as I thought it was a beautifully packaged reissue.
    I hope your internet problems are resolved by now!:thinking::D

    Which means I'm back on schedule!:D

    I wish all amateur athletic participants well, especially those facing certain challenges. I'm proud of my country's efforts to assist those individuals.:)
    I apologize that I was too late to extend you a Christmas greeting last year but let me be very early this year!:D

    Well, it's still "tomorrow" for another 3 minutes or so!

    Oh, and "what can I be like?":D

    How much did Lorraine pay you to say that?!:D

    I like that song as well but generally I don't want any part of artists trying to sound like Michael. They should sound like themselves. Where Michael is concerned, I accept no substitutes!!
    Sorry, it might have been because I had no more PM space left. Right now I can't send or receive any private messages until I renew my donator status because while I had that status I had gone well over the limit allotted to a non-donating member.
    I watched highlights of the Olympics only.

    Canada (#36 1G 5S 12B 18T) did respectably, but not spectacularly, well at the London 2012 games. Great Britain did very well. Here's the rest of the medal count final standings.
    I don't think I own any of their albums. However, I have enjoyed their songs when they happen to air on the radio within my earshot.

    That "coverage" you're referring to was 3 months ago and I don't remember enough of it to further comment on it.:(

    Well, it might not have been soon but I am here now. I will also try to be here on Michael's birthday, for the occasion itself and to renew my donator status.
    I got the 'IJCSLY' single and will post mine in the thread about them. I am also greatly looking forward to the Bad 25 album release, as I assume you are as well, and would especially like to have the collector's edition. I hope Bad 25 goes a long way to make up for the controversy and, frankly disappointment, of Michael.
    Frankly, I think when Michael was writing or speaking about himself he usually aimed for an ideal or sympathetic portrayal.
    Thanks for that as I always try to keep up on Precious news!:wild:

    Cusack is essentially saying politely what Stern said coarsely!

    I re-present his now classic diatribe: Howard Stern vs. Gabourey Sidibe
    I just noticed that in my previous two visitor messages, my avatar is bigger than in earlier ones.:thinking:

    Edit: that's no longer the case!
    If everyone did as I said I could save the world but since they won't I'd rather watch the world burn!:D
    I think the Trayvon Martin incident is being reported within the outdated, clichéd and incorrect framework of America's tradtional racial morality tale of Black victimization and White oppression. Zimmerman isn't even White but is a Mestizo with Black ancestry yet Blacks are retaliating "for Trayvon" as if he were White, attacking Whites in an epidemic of reprisal attacks.
    Canada is so often lost in the shadow of America, something that we're insecure about it on the national identity level, so I'm glad that the country was mentioned at all!
    I haven't read them yet but I'll get around to it eventually though probably at a slower pace than I visit here!:bugeyed:D

    I'm sure you can tell me otherwise if it's a fact but I suspect that Cascio's book is more insightful while Jermaine's is more self-serving.:thinking:
    I wish I could say that I picked out that number intentionally but it was just fortuitous! Yeah, I did disappear, probably because it's getting harder and harder for me to exist in this dimension!:D Was Michael's family like the mob? No matter how much Michael tried to live his own life, "the family" kept trying to drag him back to his old life, probably because there wasn't much interest in them as performers without him.:thinking:

    Lots of people don't across well in his book. From what I remember of reading it all those years ago is that Michael is generally portrayed as a flawed but sympathetic character which sounds just about right. What do you think? I hope you're not one of those fans who insist on the most flattering portrayal!:rolleyes::thinking:
    You're very welcome for the reputation points as you were most deserving of them.:)

    I'm also elated that you've corrected your join date!:wild: As someone who's been a member since 2006, I regard you as having status and seniority here, something confirmed by your reputation worthy posts.
    The Three Degrees song was also a very nice treat from you. I enjoyed it very much and it certainly is an apropos selection for Valentine's Day.:)
    Thanks for that Hall and Oates video.:) I did as you asked and watched to the very end and I definitely see why it made you think of me. "Canada" is fifth on the list (behind 1) Your Kiss 2) Making a Hall & Oates video 3) Family 4) Puppies) and I'm of course Canadian, born and bred. Thanks again, it was very nice of you to think of me.:)
    But I assume by "the Moons" you mean the Moonies!:bugeyed I've heard of them too but I don't hold them in the same high regard as I do Warren Moon!

    I bought a copy of an early (I'll check to see if it was the first) hardcover edition of The Magic and the Madness at a used bookstore. I read a softcover of the book many years ago. It was interesting reading. I'd like to reacquaint myself with the book sometime.
    I'm sorry for such a prolonged absence. If by "the Moons" you mean legendary football player Warren Moon and his family, then yes I have heard of them:

    And if you're one of the friends he keeps then I like you more than I already do!:D

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