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  • The probable reason why Klein wasn't asked to be part of the trial is it was decided that he wouldn't help the case the lawyers were building.

    Canadians tend to enunciate certain words slightly more clearly than Americans. I'm of course referring to a "Standard American" accent; there are of course various American accents. Are you referring to the French Canadian accent used by the Quebecois?

    On a side note, when I was in London various people I met, like cashiers, barbers, and so forth, thought I was American upon hearing me speak. When I informed them that I was a Canadian they often seemed surprised. However, their attitude towards me didn't change either way.:)

    It's "you're," not "your." I'm sure it was just a typo since you write very well but that mistake always irritates me.:bugeyed

    I better get back in "touch" with MJEternal myself. I haven't logged in since July!:bugeyed
    For one thing, the Canadian accent is much closer to the American one and both countries share an apathy towards soccer!:D
    Is the number 7 your favorite because it was Michael's as well or is your attitude toward it independent of the King of Pop's?:thinking: I must know!
    Canada is more similar to America than Britain because of geographical proximity but both countries along with Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa came from the womb of Great Britain so to speak.

    I intend to write more on this subject when time permits.
    For the most part I'm glad to be back in Canada because it's home but I have come to possess warm feelings for London and will miss the place!

    I felt the trip went well. It was certainly productive. The time spent in London was cool for the most part just the way I love it!:)
    Remember how we were recently discussing the perils of being on Facebook? In regards to that topic, please look at the following:

    Facebook: Brutal Dishonesty

    The source isn't the most authoritative but I believe the point still stands.
    By the way, have you ever broached the subject with Ms. Ross that it is a manufactured Motown myth that she discovered the Jackson 5?!
    That's awesome that you got an e-mail from Diana Ross but do you know it's from Diana herself?! Oftentimes, celebrities have an assistant answer fan mail for them! To be honest, it's always been hard for me to get excited over a greatest hits package, even one of Michael's (the exception being The Ultimate Collection), since I already have most if not all of the music in question. I guess they're good for casual fans of the artist though. It would be really exciting, however, if the duet she mentioned was previously unreleased. Just out of curiosity, why would Diana Ross be offering an "MJ goody bag?"

    To my knowledge nothing is similar is taking place in Canada but I haven't been checking and I probably wouldn't have done so even if I was here!
    I've heard the verdict but in all honesty I wasn't keeping up with the trial during my stay abroad. I don't believe in numerology in any mystical sense although I admit I do arrange behaviors based on numerical patterns. The number seven wasn't always lucky for Michael. He passed away on the 25th (2 + 5 = 7) but what other instances did 7 imprint Michael's life?
    First, I have an update to an earlier question of yours. I'm no longer traveling! I've completed my trip and have returned home.
    You're welcome.:)

    If you mean whether I'm home, then no. However, I am not in transit or "traveling" . . . yet.
    You need to make a request for the correction in this thread:


    I humbly entreat you to search for my post in this thread for the textbook example!
    When I first read the word "Polo" in your most recent message, I assumed the "advert" was for the clothing company. Upon clicking the link, I discovered it was an automobile advert.

    I'm not on "shaky" ground when I confidently say that that advert is much ado about nothing!
    I don't believe I said anything that indicated that you thought the entire country of Canada experienced the earthquake.

    Based on reports that the earthquake was felt as far away as Canada, you asked if I personally experienced it which I answered in the negative. In order to provide perspective on my personal experience and add some nuance to your report "that the earthquake was felt in Canada," I presented some facts indicating the size of the Canada and why it would be highly unlikely for an earthquake to be felt in the entire country. I'm sorry if you inferred from that reply an assumption of inferior knowledge on your part. No such assumption was made by me as I know from our interaction that you are a knowledgeable and intelligent individual!:)

    I hope we can now bury this topic . . . under an earthquake!:D
    Here's a recap:

    On 27-09-2011, you said:

    On 16-10-2011, I said:

    On 19-10-2011, you said:

    On 20-10-2011, I said:

    On 25-10-2011, you said:

    On 28-10-2011, I said:
    Actually, Word Smith Sr. is not a new friend. I've known him for quite some time. Relatively recently, he changed his username from "pac," however.

    I'm afraid you're going to have to explain the Phantom of the Opera and David Cook references!:bugeyed
    What did I say that made you think that I think that you "think the whole of Canada would feel the earthquake?":thinking:

    By the way, that's hell of a tongue twister!:D
    Although I haven't seen the film, I'm aware of Michael's identification with "The Elephant Man." I also remember he told Oprah that it was just a rumor that he'd tried to buy his bones. Although he could've planted the rumor himself in the first place the way he did with the hyperbaric chamber.:thinking:
    Please remember that Canada is the second biggest country in the world (but with a population of only 34 million!:)). While an earthquake might be felt in one part of the country, as you stated, the chances of it being felt from coast to coast are negligible unless it was the mother of all earthquakes!:bugeyed All I know is I didn't feel a damn thing although I live in an area of the country that is well overdue for an earthquake.
    I haven't logged into MJEternal in months (and you thought I was bad here!:D) but if you've created an account there I will be sure to check in once you've given me confirmation of that fact here!:) I need a reason to check in after all!:D

    The earthquake? Where?:thinking: I hope your brother and your friends weren't adversely affected. I would like to experience an earthquake but with the caveat that I'm not harmed in any way either physically or materially! Be careful what you wish for, I know!:bugeyed:D

    Regarding the trial, it was regrettable to say the least that Michael's autopsy photos made their way into the public domain.:(
    God willing I'll be back in a few days and will reply properly then. I'm traveling and my internet connection isn't steady at the moment!:bugeyed
    I was away for 2 months in part because the site was down, then there was a password drop, and I just found other tasks to occupy myself with but I kept our conversation in the recesses of my mind.

    Please tell me how effective I was in picking up a two month old chat!

    Did I skip a beat or two or zero?!:thinking:
    I'm not into social networking either and I have a grave warning for you: the government and certain groups enthusiastically support it because it makes it child's play to build databases for the cornerstone of a police state. Watch what you say. People have been fired from their jobs for what they posted on facebook.:bugeyed

    I could write a manifesto on this subject but out of courtesy I choose not to overwhelm you!

    Are you on MJJEternal? It would be nice to have that as a backup site to visit in case this one is down for any reason.
    Thanks! No, I can take a joke and no, again, I didn't feel "abused" as you correctly but curiously put it!:thinking:

    I feel liberal enough to also tolerate humor about Michael but within certain parameters which are relatively generous but not unlimited.

    As I said a couple of months ago, I enjoyed the music and humor in the video.
    I thought I already told you what I thought about 'Fake' unless you're convinced that I said wasn't real!:D:thinking:

    On the negative side, Al Sharpton refuses to be contrite about the Tawana Brawley and Duke date rape hoaxes but on the positive side he speaks out against slavery in Africa which most civil rights leaders refuse to do.

    The sassy woman probably likes to get it on like a house on fire!:D
    By the way, I left you a friendship request at MJJBoard when I visited it on its last day. Sadly, you can never accept it!:( See you at its successor, MJJEternal?
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