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  • Assuming you were being serious, thanks for regarding me as a gentleman! I try to be!:yes:

    I really like the song, he has a great voice.:) Sorry, for not being too analytical!:D The video was pretty cool too. It reminded me of 'Liberian Girl,' except all the celebrities were, well, fake!:D

    Were any of them real?:thinking:
    Well, attraction I think is subjective but I agree that it wasn't really relevant to the ladies performance as athletes and the maxim of "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" might've been best heeded by him in that situation. He'd no doubt argue that as a commentator he's paid to have an opinion no matter how controversial it may be. By the way, Al Sharpton has made a controversial remark or two during his time!:bugeyed:D

    To be honest, I'm not that concerned about Carrot Top's feelings. He took his fair share of shots at Michael during his routines including jibes about his appearance. Ironically, Carrot Top's looks are coming under the same sort of scrutiny as Michael's.
    Yes, I'm having the same problems as you right now.:( After logging in over an hour ago, I finally am able to access my profile and reply to the visitor messages of yours and others. It briefly stalled again but appears to be working for the time being. I couldn't access the forum during the same time period. The only thing I could access, strangely enough, were my private messages!:thinking:

    Well, I think she looks sassy and it came up when I searched for images corresponding to the term. Let's agree that she can be anything she wants!:D
    I will reply to this private message here:

    I'm checking into it but I doubt it! I will not a lose a wink of sleep if I don't!:cool:

    I finished a lot of tasks that I had put off for sometime so the time period in question was productive.
    I meant it was the first message I attended to when I logged in.:yes:

    The explanation to your problems can be found in this thread: What-happened-with-the-forum.
    If many singers want to act, well, then, turnabout is fair play!:D

    The generous seller sent the hat as a bonus item to go with the Minority Report hat I ordered.

    Watch these Batman films: Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992), Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008).

    Avoid these ones: Batman: The Movie (1966), Batman Forever (1995)*, Batman & Robin (1997)

    *I liked that one but the consensus was it had many flaws.
    I didn't know who Mick Hucknall was I resolved that inadequacy!


    He might have a point. In America, Don Imus became the center of controversy for the comments he made in the clip I linked.

    I also found this: Is gingerism as bad as racism?

    Perhaps opinions on red hair vary when gender is introduced as a variable. I do know red-headed ladies generally suffer no such stigma and are actually considered quite attractive. Perhaps red-headed males are somehow regarded as effeminate since they are pale and tall, dark, and handsome, is a stereotypical standard of masculinity?:thinking:
    It's good that Europeans (and anyone else) don't want to watch commercials! I am perplexed why you thought that I thought 'cheeky' was an American term! I never did and by saying so you're implying that I'm culturally ignorant or even fallible!:D:bugeyed:cool:

    Nor am I "sassy!" This is sassy:


    Canadian 'lingo' is caught in the tug of war between the Americans and the British! Stereotypically, we include the interjection 'eh' at the end of every sentence!:D
    As you can see by the time, sending you the private message was the first thing on my itinerary!:D
    To be honest, I think the reboot of the Spider-man franchise is entirely unnecessary but I guess the monetary demands of the old cast became to steep. Still, in the last nine years (with the last film being only in 2007), we saw Peter Parker mature into a hero "with great responsibility." It will be tremendously dull if we have to sit through that process again. I wanted to see him (played by Tobey Maguire) as an adult but it looks like we may be getting another dose of teen angst.:(

    Coincidentally, I just received a Spider-man hat promoting the original 2002 movie a couple of hours ago!:bugeyed But I'll stick with my Batman one!:yes:

    It's called promotion I guess. Since I don't really watch TV, I wouldn't know who's on American Idol!*

    *I do remember seeing funny youtube clips of Simon booting off all the pathetic wannabees though!:D
    I wasn't trying to be "cheeky," as you put it, and that term is certainly not American! It's just the way I am!

    Well, I haven't watched TV for many years so I obviously do without the commercials as well! One of my bitterest regrets is that I spent too much time of my youth doing so.:cool:
    I sent you a private message regarding it. In the past, I would've answered a private message with a visitor message but I discovered that irritated you!:D

    I hope you can clarify what you mean if my message made the incorrect assumption!
    The link you provided didn't have the story; I think it gets updated with the most recent stories and older ones are relegated away.:thinking:

    But not to worry, I googled the name! All I have to say is that while the treatment he received was certainly uncalled for quite frankly he doesn't appear to be model material!

    From what I've read, the collection is quite comprehensive but as you have demonstrated certain omissions have taken place. Thanks for the info. by the way. I wasn't aware that 'Show You the Way to Go' was their first hit in the UK. I must confess that I'm not that big a fan of the Jacksons. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them but I concentrate almost exclusively on Michael's solo career.
    It usually only gets really hot in the prairie provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba). Those provinces also experience freezing winters so they get both of the extremes!:bugeyed I'm on the west coast. Here is the temperature is quite mild. The summers aren't usually too hot and the winters aren't usually too cold. We get quite a bit of rain which I love!

    I don't quite understand how preferring to watch films in wide-screen and as close to the vision and format the director intended makes me sound 'European.' I eagerly anticipate further explanation from you in that regard!:D

    If you browse the thread dealing with Vision, which I'm too lazy to link at the moment:D, you will find the explanation(s) for the screen formatting issues you brought up.
    I had gone over the character limit in my previous VM, so I edited and included the final thought in this much shorter one!

    The weather is unseasonably cold here and I, for one, and love that fact!:happy:
    You shouldn't watch films when you are exhausted! It takes years for a film to emerge from development onto the screen. The least you can do is give the filmmakers two hours of your undivided, and fully alert, time!:D

    I also wouldn't watch a film on TV. The commercial breaks, editing, and often pan/scan format often ruin the director's vision.

    I think I have Vision somewhere but I didn't get around to opening it! I will someday. I hope it was enjoyable viewing for you!:) I would be interested to hear your opinion on the collection either in our profile conversation or a link to a post you may have made in the thread dedicated to the subject.

    Speaking of Jordan Sparks and her weight, I present this thread!

    Frankly, Sidibe is weight class of her own!:bugeyed There's a difference between a sincere compliment and a diplomatic compliment!
    I think you mentioned that because you didn't get my Diana Ross reference! Sadly, I'm not at all familiar with the Three Degrees so I don't know what you're talking about!

    But if you think you've just gone tit for tat, you haven't because only Diana Ross references are allowed!
    I'm sorry that MI:3 didn't hold your interest. I saw it twice in the cinema and a few times on DVD. Someday I'll get it on Blu-ray when I update my setup which is quite badly out of date.

    The fourth one is coming out this December!:wild: And the trailer just leaked online! I saw it! An official release of the trailer should be available soon!

    Don't you remember what Stern said? What other roles could she play?!:D:thinking: "Blindside 2, she could be the football player!":D

    Yes, I had a modest commemoration. I listened to a couple of songs and looked at some of the many tribute magazines I bought back in 2009. What about you?
    The clock is correct in my time zone.

    Maybe you don't have daylight savings time accounted for in your settings?:thinking:

    I just want to say that while Oprah is dead wrong about Sidibe being "on the threshold of a brilliant new career,":rolleyes: her Precious costar Paula Patton is enjoying an excellent career.

    What is your location if you don't mind me asking? If you do, you can of course decline to answer. If you would want to PM me the answer, that could be a problem at the moment as I can't PM until I renew my 'Donator' status.

    Well, the flight attendant was merely reciting the airline's policy in a polite matter-of fact-manner. There is nothing the husband could say to him other than to note his objection if he felt that way.

    It's hard to say based on a 35 second scene whether his reaction toward his wife was appropriate or not. It certainly appears non-chalant but I would need to see more of the film to put his reaction in context. She must have been loveable enough to marry her husband unless one partner, or both, entered the union for reasons besides love.

    I didn't log off! I'm still here finishing up and about to post this message!:D
    I posted my message one minute after you logged out:

    You'll just have to wait until next time to read it!:D
    Hopefully, you can find the link. In any case, thanks for trying.:)

    I found the Why Did I Get Married plane scene you were referring to on youtube.

    Well, the flight attendant has a point since other passengers would feel crowded. On the other hand, perhaps the airline should increase the size of the seating or have a specially reserved section for its larger passengers.

    I don't think I've seen any of Tyler Perry's work.:thinking: I do know he is heavily promoted by the "filthy liar" though!:D
    "Oprah is another liar. Filthy liar!" -Howard Stern

    I might use that as a sig. in the future!:D:lol:
    It's a shame that we "wouldn't see something like that now.":( However, you have piqued my interest in that sketch, so much so, that I would be grateful if you could provide a link! I'm in need of a laugh!:D

    People are concerned about Sidibe but political correctness constrains them from speaking out! After all, the feel good Dr. Phil types insist she's as good looking as Janet Jackson!:rolleyes: If the tone of that Ebony cover story is as "positive" as your post portends, then that magazine is being particularly patronizing towards her and any reader with even the slightest bit of (un)common sense!

    If you have a link to it handy, I'd be grateful if you could post it here.
    I should be able to check in every 2-3 days or so, pending any unforeseen circumstances of course.

    Actually, I'm strangely repelled and fascinated (notice I didn't say "attracted":D) by Precious at the same time. On the one hand, her appearance is so--how can I put this?-- unconventional for a film actress yet that is what makes her screen presence so fascinating at the same time!

    I think I've posted this on the forum before but in case you haven't had the good fortune of viewing it, I now present Howard Stern's take on Ms. Sidibe:

    If I come across Lady Sings The Blues, I'll pick it up based on your recommendation.:)
    Oh, I have no problem with Mr. Kravitz or Ms. Carey in their roles. My big problem, no pun intended, is with Gabourey Sidibe, who portrays Precious!:D

    I'm sure you see what I mean!:D

    Who is the 'she' you are referring to?:thinking: Mariah?
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