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  • I must confess I have yet to see Mahogany.

    To my knowledge, you have never seen me! But I do intend to visit here a bit more regularly.:)

    There is something very important you have to know about me. The word 'precious' has been forever compromised for me by the 2009 film of that name: Precious.
    I don't but Diana does!

    Diana Ross - I Ain't Been Licked.

    You must have missed my reference!
    If you go to the last season (I think it's season 9) that's the one you want :) The website just says The Apprentice but it's Celebrity Apprentice
    That wasn't "attitude!":D I was merely attempting to preempt an obvious follow-up question which might've required yet another private message!:D

    You can ask me anything!:yes:
    Thanks for the link!:) I will put it on in the background the next time I use the library's wi-fi, which wasn't working all that reliably the last time I was there incidentally.
    :) Sometimes it takes me awhile to wake up proper,too.

    Sry. my pm was cut short,I hit the submit button by accident too soon. :doh:

    thanks for the nice message.

    I read Alma's essay!:D Seriously, it was an informative post.:)

    It certainly is true that very few could appreciate the amount of "attention" he received. Yet, although he sometimes he complained about it at other times he deliberately courted it.
    Piers Morgan is the new Larry King?:thinking: To be honest, I don't really follow Janet. Besides aren't her answers about Michael basically the same in all her interviews?:thinking: I trust you can fill me in if she says something new or noteworthy.
    Well, even if I don't "have dragonflies" I do have flies and my hatred for them is truly limitless!

    There are also a lot of cockroaches in New York I'm not too fond off!;D:D
    Of course I "see them buzzing around in the summer!" What kind of a question is that?!:D I'm just not that keen on insects although they might be used in the future to alleviate food shortages!:bugeyed
    Hopefully, that question was in jest!:D

    If it wasn't and you genuinely require an explanation, well, I can't think of a topic more in demand of a private message!:D
    Nice commercial!:yes:

    But it actually reminds me more of the opening credit sequences of the James Bond movies!:yes:
    They responded by deleting them.

    As for the current batch, they need proof they are trolls.

    You worry too much about offending the sensibilities of others!
    While I do occasionally rep. an opposing viewpoint if the argument is particularly informative or articulate, like most people I usually tend to rep. when I agree with the stance of the poster. Therefore, you can be fairly sure that I agree with you!:)
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