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  • Well i was referring to both studying in Canada and France (in case i cannot study in Canada) . How many years should one study after highschool in order to live correctly (good salary, etc....) in Canada. I'm asking as i'd like to live over there but i dropped out so i'd like to know what i'd need to do in order to live over there. I think i can picture maself studying for like 3-4 years not more. Could i study less 4 years over there and still earn enough money ? Is school as expensive as in USA over there ?
    Thx (for the rep as well), happy Easter to you too little bird !!!!! :)

    No i never do anything special for it haha !! What about people in Israel ?

    I wanted to ask you, how many years should one study after highschool in order to live correctly (good salary, etc....) in Canada.
    Hi there how are you ? :)

    I'm very fine thx !!! :)

    No i do not play or sing. I do think i have a bit of a nice voice, not that great because i have never had a teacher and all but yeah i do think i might have something in that area. :)

    Yeah i know maxjax is back lol, but it ain't any more active than it used to be to me. It's a little dead over there.
    No problem, and thanks :D :cheers:
    As the late George Carlin put it: "Religion is the biggest bullsh*t there is."
    Unfortunately my mum thinks I'm too young to be able to decide what religion/faith I should be following :sigh:
    Thanks for the link, I loved that video, shame that George Carlin died though :(
    Maybe it got deleted because he was telling the truth ;)
    I also hope you have a nice day :)
    I'm fine too thx. :)

    Thx for the rep points, you liked the video ? :)

    Nah i've never 'em live unfortunately. I'd love to see Dream On live instead of in a computer screen. Have you ever seen 'em live ? Can you play their songs ? If yes, thx to what instrument ? What about singing ? :)
    thats so sweet of you. thank u :flowers: i was away on a 10-day trip and got home last night. and i have been away from alll news. but well, thigns are getting so complicated here.. i decided to stay away from politic for a while. anyway... thank u again for asking :)
    Oh the woman from Israel, how are you ? :)

    I remember you, you know one thing or two about Canada. :)

    I'm kinda ok, surviving, thx :), yeah maxjax is down again, it's always down anyway. I do not find it really active so i do not really miss it. I posted another video in the Aerosmith thread (i think you created the thread) btw. :)
    :D great!
    :giggle: Oh I know! It's the same way here. I myself don't have an air conditioner so I just have my fan on high all day, all night. Keeps it manageable until I wake up and I'm freezing! :lol:
    Sounds like fun!
    Remember to get lots of photos while you're there :cheeky:

    Aww:blush: I missed you too! :huggy:
    Glad to hear you're great. :D

    I'm doing good, thank you. :)
    Not much is new :giggle:

    What have you been up to ?
    I think it has something to do with my settings. I will be arriving on sept 17 around 1800.:) Hope to see you. Even if you cant make it for the gathering lets try and meet on the evening:)
    i was in a countryside, not sure if u know it :p

    Paris? So cool :D

    Yes, the tarantula :D No, ur posts r fine, hers were :crazy: as always :toofunny:

    CU soon popo, if not ----> Bon voyage lol

    Ani Ohevet Otach :D :heart:
    haha Yes its hot here too, yesterday it was 43 C :eek: :heat:

    I was on vacation last week but i want more, i wish i would travel outside the country for the summer..

    Where are you going? I wish you to have fun :D

    You really dont know what im referring to? :naughty: hahahahaha I saw ur posts there :shifty: So :crazy: hahahaha
    :flowers: lol I popoagree :D

    Im fine, so bored thats why im in RT :lol:

    How about you?

    PS: Have you seen the spider news? :shifty: :D
    Hi! Aww it's ok. I felt the need to defend you because she bad mouthed so many members of MJJC to me. I found it rather ironic - considering how nice MJ fans are.
    Awww :( Darn hot weather!

    I hope it cools down for you there and cools down over here too!! I live in the middle of a desert so it gets super hot.
    Hey Coconut Lady! :hug:

    I'm doing good, thank you. Except I think I'm coming down with a cold -_- But other than that, great. :giggle:

    How are YOU?:D
    Hi, sweetie. I'm still not feeling well. I am always feeling sick! :( How have you been doing? I hope you are doing well. :hug:

    Love you,
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