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  • I'm a big child as well lol but there is a time and a place for acting like a Child :)

    I do drink but like not every weekend or evertime I go to a bar with friends I only drink when I want to I haven't touched The Devils Nectar since New Year 2010 :D
    lol I don't drink so I wont be getting drunk! I don't see the point in Alcohol it's evil.

    Well ur still relatively young so nothing to worry about :p
    Awww thank you :D I love that pic :D but i'm not quite as old as you are so nothing to worry about there :p
    haha yes, ur an :angel: hehe

    Thats so cool! woohoo! I guess ur holiday is just started! :party:

    Wishing u the best results! :hug:

    PS: Michael rock with meeeee!!!!!! :girl_tantrum:
    haha What do u wanna do, BAD shipud? :nono: :D

    Im fine thanx, i had the whole day free, i was posting a lot! :eek:

    How about ur exams? :p
    haha yes summer is finally here :D I started to worry cuz 2 weeks ago it was only about 10C :shock: but now it's super hot :heat:
    So you'll be soon in France, cool! :D I wish you the best results for your exams :)
    CU soon my popo! :hug:
    Hi popo! :waving:
    My cul is ok :p , i'm enjoying the beautiful weather :beach:
    What about you popo ? :D Have you finished your exams ?
    I know. :weeping: But it is so terribly hard for me. I need him more than I need the air to breathe. I can never stop crying. No words can heal my broken heart. Nothing can take this pain away. It is hard to accept that he wont come back. My only hope now is that he can see... that he is everything to me. :boohoo:

    Thanks again for your support. Love you, Fran. :heart:
    Hi, lovely. I am not planning on killing myself but if I were to die I don't think I would care. :cry: I feel so sad right now... I don't know how to handle this pain, I can't control it. I miss Michael so so much. I would ask for nothing more if he just was alive. :weeping: Thank you for your support.:hug:

    Love you,
    awwww thanks hun ;) i know panties dropped when i saw it.. im like this HAS TO BE my siggy!!!! lol
    Hi Dafie! :hug:

    I didnt do anything special, just sat at home and ate pizza with some friends :D

    I was very confused yesterday.. Mixed feelings..:(

    Thanx for asking my shipud! :hug: Ill CU soon :heart:
    Thank you really really thank you my shipud :hug:

    I will try, its hard ...:( But yes, we should stay strong, Michael would like to see us smiling not crying..:)

    So lets smile and be thankful for being so lucky to had him in our world :heart:

    L.O.V.E you! :wub:
    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    You were on? :nono: BAD shipud! haha

    I dont know yet what im gonna do in the weekend, but Friday will be difficult...:(

    I loved it my popo! hehe Have you finished with ur exams? Im wishing you THE BEST RESULTS!! yeyyyyy :party:
    :girl_aww: Awwwwww Thank you so much Daffi Duck! :hug: I hope ill CU online! :praying

    Kisses my shipud! :wub:

    :heart: Ani Ohevet Otach!!!!!!!!!! :heart:
    Hi my shipud! :hi:

    Me and MJ just dropped by to check if you re ok! We hope ur having a wonderful day!:D
    When I was in LA in April I couldn't even think about going to Neverland, it was too painful... But now I think I want to go there.. so hopefully next year, when I go to LA again, I will find someone to go to Neverland with (since I don't drive)..
    Aww, thank you for very kind and caring words. You are so sweet. :huggy:
    I know how you feel. I can't believe it. A whole year of my life with him gone. I miss him so much too. It hurts. :weeping: It is all so surreal, and now I feel like people will expect me to move on, I have already started hiding how I feel more and more as I feel people don't want to hear about it anymore, it is so hard pretending I am coping when inside I am screaming and it just never ends!

    Hugs to you and all the positive energy I have.

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