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  • Hey friend can you hook me up with a Mega DL for you know what. Fantastic song would be much appreciated!
    Hi Lubyss. Do you have Facebook? Am interested in hiring you for a party this summer in Prague :)
    Thank you! awesome :D I'll try to have the pic up on MySpace later this week so check back soon ;)
    Hello there!
    I am contacting you because you have requested a siggy from me a while ago. I am doing a small project now where I mark out on a map where my creations has gone so to speak:)
    Would you mind telling me in which country you live in? If you say which city aswell I would be more than happy but I understand if you want your privacy :)
    I will not mention any names, just mark out with a red dot in a certain country.

    You can soon see the final result on my MySpace page

    Have a lovely day!

    Regards from Stephanie aka. "J_Cat"

    Is there any chance you could share OTW, Thriller, BOTDF and/or Invincible at all please? I dont have those ones and I dont have my source CDs with me for a while to make it.

    Id really appreciate it and thanks for your time.

    thx... i have upload 2000 watts in my thread... with wich programm have you make acapellas?
    hey i will make 2000 watts and i will try make the full album as instrumental... but i need time! can u make me acapellas from speechless ?
    can u make a acapella
    of Speechless, Privacy and the lost children
    for me please?:angel:

    pls reply at !!
    You are from Prague? Wonderful sity! I want to go there, to enter for studing...I love that people, that country, that emazing beautiful sity!
    Now i'm learning Chestinu ))) , i hope i will try to talk after mounth in it ...
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