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    Elizabeth Taylor Rushed to hospital [Reports]

    I hope she gets better. Be strong Mrs Taylor
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    Preliminary Hearing 11/1/11. Day Six. Discussion Thread

    I`m so with you with this. I can`t even think about it. It would kill Mrs. Jackson for sure. OMG.
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    Lisa Marie will be on Oprah Oct 6 to talk about Michael death

    I have bad feeling about this... Why Oprah...?? It`s many others talk shows and she choose Oprah`s show.. I hope she will tell the truth once for all, and she won`t bring those drug addict lies... Lisa, please... don`t dissapoint me..
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    Lisa Marie is present in MICHAELs kids life

    I think that story is a lie, too.
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    When do you think Michael and Lisa last spoke?

    Is there anyone who knows what is going on with Lisa now?
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    Randy Jackson's Twitter...

    I wonder, if it will end... Tablotrashes grow like mushrooms after rain... Again and again. One bad story chase another... They must let the man rest in peace...
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    Randy Jackson's Twitter...

    I agree. I think, we had not seen it yet... But who is Randy talking about...:mello:??
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    Randy Jackson's Twitter...

    This Pearl Jr is crazy....:doh:
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    Tito Jackson - Tribute to MJ

    I like Tito. It seems that he is doing well. He is doing his own things and that`s great to see it.
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    Polish MJ Fans

    Ja oglądałam Moonwalkera. Pełen siły i radości, uśmiechnięty Michael to to na co chciałam patrzeć.
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    MJ's Bodyguard Answering Fans Questions

    MJ`B said: This person must done something really bad if that makes Michael hated him.
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    MJ's Bodyguard Answering Fans Questions

    Oh, thank you very much. I remember now, that I`ve read about this. Some of people discussed about him but they wasn`t sure. Thanks again:)
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    MJ's Bodyguard Answering Fans Questions

    I just wonder who he was talking about... What do you think?
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    Frank Cascio speaks about the kids 1 year later

    He seems to be a real good friend in Michael`s life. I love it. It is good to know that PPB are doing well.
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    Family Attorney: Jackson children just normal kids

    Michael`s kids deserve for normal childchood.. They had enought storm in their lives. God bless them.