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  • I agree with you too... I don't want to be single forever either sorry i read your post on the "Impossible to love...." thread.
    Hola Magdalene :D espero que tengas un buen día ;), si tu quieres puedes decirme Gaby. Translation: Hi Magdalene :D I hope you have a nice day ;), if you want you can call me Gaby. :hug:
    oh, we're going canoeing and stuff. Spend some time in my summer house in the country...
    nahh, I'm leaving on friday for ten days or so, mabye when I get back? you think you'll be free then?
    's alright, not your fault. lol then? I'm leaving in an hour, but I think I'll be free later..
    I'd like a normal man too.
    But it's nice to think of MJ as a bad boy from time to time:p
    "Think" is not the right word...Fantasize! :p
    Oh, yess. Most of them was really good looking. Egypt is a paradise for women, no kidding.

    we could meet sometime during the holidays, if you want to. Haven't seen you in a while.
    complain, I say. The more complaining the better. I think I am an expert when it comes to crappy life. If you need to talk, I'm here for you - not feeling too good myself at the moment.
    Egypt was amazing, I fell in love with the people..and the food. It was absolutely delicious.
    You know, I've like 11 future husbands?
    Very wellcome :), sometimes it isn't easy to learn languages mainly because we think that we're not gonna be on it, the point is the perfection doesn't exist (the proove is I don't write perfectly in english).
    It had been really useful to have American 'n French teachers in my college but don't give up, if you really feel passion for learning you'll learn ;)
    Wow that's gr8!! :D Don't be affraid about to learn new stuff, no matter how difficult could it be; I'm tellin this 'cause I'm learning French, I'm good speaking it but for writing it, listen it I suck but anyway I'm so :happy: for learning french despite the difficulties.
    If you need help with spanish, you can ask me if you want ;)
    Aww no worries sometimes every human being has existecial crisis. The world could be so boring without the problems or feeling down occasionally, don't you?
    I think the "feeling borin" it's a virus from the holydays :lol:
    come on you don't ask a friend how life LOL
    i'm doing well i'm tryying to lose wright
    i had the best b-day ever i got ipod clap
    this tuesday i have to go for blood test i hate it is my biggest fear ever i hate it
    ooh will my doctor told me i have too she is worried about my tummy i have tummy problem
    I used to listen a lot of polish radio, it helped me to learn to read & also I have some polish genes :p
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