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  • I love your siggy!! :D did u do that? who did? do u have it in a bigger size?
    thanks! :D
    I love fans artwork a lot!!
    Hi maggie
    I have our Christmas Quilt video finished. I uploaded it on post 425 in the Gift for Michael thread. I hope you like it.
    yeah you posted right (ur second messge at my profile)
    i got also so emtional when i first saw it! i am gonna print beautiful!:) Michael has amazing fans.
    Yeah i imagine Paris wanting to make one they will go to creative shops lol and start one making imagine with the help of Michael..Michael sewing and all..haha and so this will put the album again on hold coz Michael will be busy with the blanket :lmao:
    that sounds really nice. i am also doing just simple stuff...putting some Christmas motives like star, gingerbread, Xmas Teddy bear...and all this doing with that technique i use you know...which Michael liked a lot :D (but do not wanna write it down
    wow,nice profile color! mine is sooo crazy haha
    how is your "blanket" work going on?:)
    hi maggiemay

    I dunno, I just know when i first saw it, it seemed so strange, random, obviously very carelessly contrived and unclear. Hopefully clarity will come soon. We'll just have to be patient. Thanks for writing and for understanding my concern/s. Take care.
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