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    Open Letter from MJ fans in Support of MJ Estate

    I have placed this on my Jackson's about time..thanks
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    *** Michael Jackson's Strange Final Days Revealed in Dueling Lawsuits ***

    You said it perfectly...yet I wonder how long it had been going on.
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    The Legend Lives On - Official Cirque du Soleil 'Immortal World Tour' Discussion

    Re: The Legend Lives On - Official Cirque du Soleil Announcement Now On Page 6 'Immortal World Tour' I was on the phone with ticketmaster. They told me if this does well there will be more concerts added ...where is unknown right now. So don't give up. I got my tickets ...feel a bit emotional...
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    MJJC Legacy Project - Planting Trees in Michael's Honour

    I've donated quite a few times when this first started up. I find that it's a wonderful project and will continue to do so. :wub:
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    ** Can all members please read **

    What you say makes a lot of sense and I will obey the rules as well. I sure don't wish to hurt anyone or cause grief. :doh:
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    New regulations at Forest Lawn

    I don't understand why F/L would do this now after they gave fans permission to leave flowers before. Something doesn't sit right with this. Why the sudden change of heart all of a sudden? Restriction on where you can buy flowers? ( That didn't sound correct?) Restriction on cards, letters and...
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    My Sadness at Returning To Neverland

    Actually the writings are where the stain glass windows. They hid the messages behind bushes and below. So they thought anyway. Now they want to paint over them. Can you believe this?
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    My Sadness at Returning To Neverland

    I spent a week pretty much going up and down to Neverland and to Forest lawn. It began beautiful. Yet what I saw all over that beautiful property made me sick and angry as well. Not only was every brick written on. Flowers were being cut. ( People) who call themselves fan go and run amuck on...
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    Do you celebrate him or mourn him?

    Did both, went to Neverland then to his resting place and had a good hard cry there. It was hard but it was also beautiful if one can say this. The place is pretty where he is.
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    Forest Lawn says Fans welcome w/ some alterations of what's permitted

    Re: MJ Mausoleum -- Fans No Longer Welcome This is correct that it did not mention fans. I was sort of upset seeing this as I have been making plans to go there. I don't wish to say anything further on it, because of F/B I took some heat over it and it became a drama session over there. I...
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    If you could have seen Michael before he was buried

    Those of us here in USA tried like heck to get tickets to go to this and we were bumped off due to "NON-Jackson" fans. It was unfair. I watched at home. What would I say...If I did anything wrong or could have done better can you forgive me for this...
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    MJJC Legacy Project - Planting Trees in Michael's Honour

    Re: MJJC LEGACY INITIATIVE - Planting Trees in Michael's Honour Oh boy ...I've donated money to the American Forest one by a fan off of facebook and got a certificate. She had this project going on as well... a million trees for michael is this one legit or are yours ...I'm confused now.
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    Was you fan of MJ before or after his death?

    Long before his death. 40 years now. ( dating back to when he was with his brothers as the Jackson 5)
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    What Are You Gonna Do On June 25th, 2010?

    I have already made plans to have that week off. I want to spend some time there and not rush. Meet other fans. Light a few candles and yes I will light candles for those who cannot be there. I'm bringing things from fans, like angels, cards and some messages that they wanted to give to Michael...
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    I don't mean to bump this back up...but boy it's good and oh man it's heavy too. A bit eerie. It could mean a lot of things...but God really has nothing to do with it.