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  • Hi there, Magicgirl :) I actually stopped by because of Michael's birthday. There have been indeed some changes with regards to the layout, but I don't think there's any thread missing. I think just some sections have merged, that's all. Looks like you found your way to the fan-fiction threads, just in case you were wondering about those......

    Take care and all the best to you.
    Right now am I watching the Russia-Croatia game; it's half time and for the moment the score is 1-1. It truly has been an amazing championship, I'll be sad when it ends. I've gotten so used to the games and being amazed by them. It's a shame your city didn't get to host any of the games, but if you are so close by to Sochi, then I guess it makes sense. Especially since Sochi also hosted the winter olympics. This very game taking place now is the last one to be hosted there, in Sochi. Just heard it on tv.

    I'm very surprised to hear about the weather though. Didn't think you guys would have over 40 degrees C. In my part of Europe it's very rainy these days and we'll soon be having half of your temperatures. Hope you'll have some relief from all this heat and cooler weather. Cheers now. Enjoy what is left from the week-end and have a nice week. Who knows when you'll get to see this? :) God bless!
    Hi Magicgirl *waves* why on earth would you thank me for still remembering you? Of course I would :) I'm glad to hear about your little boy, who isn't so little anymore. However, I'm sorry to hear about the problems with your mother and the health issues.

    You mentioned the weather being fine. You're from Russia, right? I'm enjoying very, very much the World Cup which you guys are organizing now. Lots of surprises and interesting games. And also the shots from crowds are some of my favorite scenes. I think it's absolutely brilliant when people from all over the world enjoy themselves because of sports or music.

    You'll be in my prayers. God bless!!!
    Same as in another situation, I'm noticing I haven't sent out friend requests to people that I did chat with and had good thoughts for. Please forgive me for it.

    I hope you are well, or as well as you can be. Take care!
    Sorry to hear that :( Hopefully, things will get better. And who knows? Maybe some day you will even feel like posting around here again......
    Nice to see you around Magicgirl, although I am a bit afraid to ask how things are going. From the looks of it, you don't seem to have a permanent internet connection. Considering also the changes here on the site, you can't access the FanFiction section which I know you enjoyed the most. I'm really sorry about it all :( I hope you and your family will have a turn-around and see concrete improvements in your situation.
    So sorry to hear about it...............truly don't know what to say. Feels like words are empty in situations like this.
    I saw that you had logged on a few days ago which gives me hope that you will still be able to have internet. Good luck with you and your family. Hope all will work out well for you guys. You are in my thoughts and prayers :)
    It's all about basic necessities, if there was any hope to cover that i wouldn't mention that at all. Of course my mom will buy some food, the question is what food, I guess which my son and I don't like, as we can't eat porridges all the time. She said like 10 dollars for 10 days is enough for us, which is crazy, but she is an old woman anyway. Yes that song sounded nice and like MJ style. This night I dreamt of lots of chocolates and lots of balloons hanging at my window :)
    Hey Magicgirl, I'm truly very sorry to hear about your situation. I know that words are of very little comfort and I hope you will still be able to cover basic necessities. It's very good that you continue to go to the theatre, that's not stupid at all. I can very well see how it would take your mind off of other things.

    As far as the link you sent.....mmmmh, I don't really know what to say about it. From what I've read around the YT channel that posts them has the habit of uploading occasionally fake stuff. It may not be the real Michael, but whoever sings on it gave it a pretty good try, that's for sure and it is a beautiful song nonetheless :) Take care and God bless!!!

    P.S. Just noticed a mistake in my previous message, meant to say went shopping for "powDer", not power. Don't really care about that last one lolol.
    Earlier this week I was shopping for some power and I saw some cosmetic stuff which had "Magic girl" written on it and I instantly thought of you :p Hope you're doin' ok.

    I saw your post about YouTube videos not showin' up. I see them fine, the ones you posted before on that last page anyway. I guess I'll have to come back in that thread as well. Take care :)
    Hey there Magicgirl *waves* I really hope you won't find my post in the fan fiction thread too judgmental or overtly religious. It really wasn't my intention to judge you; it's simply that your words inspired me. That was actually supposed to be a VM here for you, but it turned into one loooooong ramble :p You be good :)
    Not long to go now until the greatest comeback in the history of the entire universe!!!
    I love the lesser known songs you posted in the michaelmania. I really am enjoying listening to them. Thanks for that. well 17 posts didnt take long at all to stalk. I'm done now Good day!
    Oh you're welcome! Thank you for adding me too :) (now I'm off to stalk you a minute to read your posts and get to know you :p hope you don't
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