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  • Hi Sarah! I hope you had a Happy Birthday! Wow I can't believe there's so much bullying going on. Even in high school. It's good to hear home schooling is going well.
    Well Steve was contacted in person by Sony and served a cease and desist order so he's not allowed to upload the concerts he was gonna share. Oh well, maybe someday we'll get some great shows. Take care Sarah
    Lol, Trina
    How are you Sarah? I been thinking about you. Hope you and the family are well. Have you been in the 2000 watts forum? There's been some great exclusive uploads from Steve001 and others.
    Talk to you late.
    hugs n kisses!
    Hi Sarah. Gotta get ready for work but noticed you were on. Hope all is well.
    hi sarah! sorry for the late reply.
    you're right. being at the staples center was sad knowing that michael's last nite alive was there and his memorial service and all.:no:
    so it sounds like you're doing alot to your house. hope it all goes well.
    Exciting news about the wembly dvd huh?:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    talk to you soon sarah!
    hugs and kisses!
    hi sarah! sorry for the late reply. the time flies so fast. anyway, i was real disappointed in the Immortal World Tour.:no:
    i don't think The Staples Center was a good place to see it. they sold me seats on the SIDE of the stage and i could not see ANYTHING. plus, for it being a CIRC DU SOLEIL SHOW (sp.?) i didn't see that many amazing stunts. just a lot of people dancing to MJ music. anyway, i hope you enjoy it more than i did.
    hope all is well with you and your family!

    lots of love, Trina:hug:
    Hey Sarah! Just checking in to see how you were doing. :) I hope everything is marvelous! :D
    HAPPY NEW YEAR SARAH! how you doing? anything new? has the MJ Immortal show been out there yet? i'm going this sat. out in L.A. at the Staples Center.
    love, health, peace, get next to you and your family

    happy new year my friend Sarah
    hi sarah! i musta went off right when you posted...i'm doing ok. working all time. how are you and the family?
    sarah! hi, it's so nice to hear from you! my family and i are well. been very busy with work and life.
    how are you and your family doing? you had a birthday recently? hope you had a great day!

    love, trina

    I wish that every day you're yet to live will be more beautiful than the previous,
    in accordance with your desires and such that it will make you happy.
    Happy birthday and many years to come...

    I have just changed it. I used to have John Waterhouse's "Ophelia", and a quote by William Shakespeare. Now, it's a fictional L'Oreal ad featuring Michael, just for fun. Thanks! :)
    :)you're welcome sarah. :no:nah, i can't get off work.
    Merry Christmas
    Thank you again...

    At least, a few offensive replies on there got deleted... For the sake of sanity, I gave up to replying on there, I know deep in my heart what's right, and am glad a few others know what's in theirs.

    Take care..
    Thank you for the rep...

    :( That thread can make one sad and frustrated... It's unbelievable the gravity of some replies in there, and I'm risking to be just the crazy clown in there/...
    you still remember my name ? im doing good... hope you are doing great :)

    remember when we were obsessed with peterpanpyt's myspace :)
    how are you sarah? hope all is well with you and your family.:hug:
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