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  • Hi there,
    I saw your message on the pen pal thread, so if you want a pen pal from Holland please let me know.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    apart from this pink that drives my eyes beyond the state of pain, i wonder if you and i can be friends and chat somewhere ...
    I dont think i could stand it sarah i was ready to go yesterday - i cant see him like that. I know for a face i wont be able to cope. where you flying from? x
    hi sarah! i got your texts. i replied back. did you get 'em?
    :rofl::rofl::rofl:you're too funny sarah! yeah i'm looking forward to some youtube vids.:yes::yes::cheeky:
    i am excited trina,i can,t contain myself any longer,michael betta watch out,after being to much in the manhood thread.i don,t know what i am capable of,bad impression them lot have had on me,i was once sweet and innocent till i went in there.
    anyway just kidding,i really can,t wait,don,t think i will be able to stay away from you tube once they start in a few weeks,talk about quitting smoking,i think it,s easier to stop smoking than to stay away from anything michael related,
    speak soon lol sarah
    oh good, congrats on quitting! :wild:i would love some texts from the show and pics! i'll pm you my mobil number. and don't feel terrible about talking about the shows you should be excited as hell you lucky girl!:cheeky::cheeky: i kinda think he'll bring the show to the states also.:angel:hopefully.:D
    hey sarah. how ya doin? did you quit smoking? i saw ur thread last night. my friend used chanitx and it worked perfectly. she hasn't smoked for over a year.
    what dates do you see MJ, i forget.
    Hi I just read your reply out my rant on tabloids. I agree with you. God it was just getting on my nerves. Sometimes I wish Mike would just tell off a tabloid and shut them all up. Or knock one of them out, man that would be great. lol
    i,m great trina it,s nice to hear from you.come on you still got time,come to enland for a holiday and see michael while your there,anyway i beleive he will do concerts in the usa.i,ll see if i can get any photos when i go,and you,ll be the first to see them if i do.
    lol sarah
    hey sarah! i was just thinking about you. how have you been? oh good i'm glad to hear you got better seats. you are so lucky to be seeing him in london!!! i'm jealous...but happy for you.:wub:
    that actually would be the ultimate london vacation, seeing MJ live. but i really think there will be some US shows so i guess i'll wait and see...if he doesn't perform here i'll kill myself!! lol...
    so it'll be really scary walking up the stairs to the top tier?:( well maybe you can visit some high places over the next few months to overcome the fear over time.
    sarah!:D i'm good. so you get to go see michael?!? i'm soooo jealous, but way happy for you!:clapping:i hope i get see him. i've never seen him in concert.:no:
    how are you and the family doin'?
    hey good morning sarah! i'm supposed to be getting ready for work, lol. i'm fine how r u and the family and the dogs?:):)
    Hi Sarah
    I have our Christmas Quilt video finished. I uploaded it on post 425 in the Gift for Michael thread. I hope you like it.
    heya sarah ! . :heart: nice to see you . im doing well ~thanx you sweet ! have a great week xxxxxxx*runs about on this pinkaliscous profile :wild: *
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