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    Spike Lee BAD 25 Documentary- DVD / Blu Ray [available on iTunes Nov 19]

    Re: The Spike Lee BAD 25 Documentary /DVD/ TV / Theater Release [Discussion] same here.

    Going to Istanbul, Turkey. Need tips / info please.

    my husband is from turkey,and he is flying to istanbul at the end of the week,i'll see what he can find out for you,i'll try to remember and post to you in this thread before you go,when are you going?like i said he is going to turkey at the end of the week and will be coming back around 8th...

    Interview with Michael's driving instructor

    Re: "Driving with Michael Jackson." Michael Jackson's Driving Teacher Tells His Story thankyou for posting qbee,

    The BAD25 Packages/ Products, Your Orders etc. etc. [Discussion]

    I know the feeling,when i got mine yesterday i put it on straight away,i felt like i did when i was a teenager ,when i first became a fan during the bad era,I was getting all butterflies in my stomache,he takes your breath away,a true artist ,noone will ever come near him,also makes me miss him...

    The BAD25 Packages/ Products, Your Orders etc. etc. [Discussion]

    oh i'm so happy for you,thought it might come today,

    The BAD25 Packages/ Products, Your Orders etc. etc. [Discussion]

    hi lindsay.just after i posted the postman knocked on my door,mines arrived,so there is still a chance that yours will come today,depending on what the postal system is like where you live,i'm in the northwest of england,anyway don't loose hope It could still come,

    The BAD25 Packages/ Products, Your Orders etc. etc. [Discussion]

    i've had an email from amazon saying mine had been dispatched.estimated dilivery date the 20th,I opted for the free delivery so i expect it to be abit later than today,usually with amazon it always comes before they are really good,hope you get yours today,

    Rare Pictures Thread

    have you checked your user settings,just a thought,maybe there might be something there that might allow you to see images.

    Little boy Jotta A - amazing!

    yes i saw him while surfing youtube,he has a beautiful voice,

    Dedicate a song to Michael

    this song i chose too.everytime a play it it makes me cry,because i always think of michael when i hear it .

    Michael wearing the same clothes

    i remember seeing that clip at the time when i was a teenager i have it on a news clip they showed after the brit awards where jarvis cocker ran on stage i remember they showed that clip then.hope i spelt his surname right don't know if it was from backstage from that or not,but i...

    Madame Tussauds Hong Kong has a new MJ wax figure

    is the best one i've seen by far,thanks for posting,