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  • Hey You.
    Sorry I havent gotten back to you sooner,I dont really come on here anymore.
    Anyway I havent changed my number,its still the same,it ends in 611.
    I will text you from it at some point.
    Hope your ok.
    Take care and we will talk soon
    heya thanks for your email ad, i dont think i can get on msn atm, lol, this pc is a bit silly lol, email me anytime thou, i will email you now xxx
    Please don't feel sad or get upset dear.
    I hate the idea of hurting you or anyonewith my problems.HUGS
    I just loved that poem you put on the Poetry page. It was very beautiful and moving! Have a great day...
    that was really crap compared to yours.
    I have never been good at poems.

    No matter how bad my attempt was the point is,I meant every word.

    I love you more today then I did yesterday but not as much as I will tommorow.

    I love your more then words can say and I love you more then yesteday
    my love for you is so strong and with out it I dont think that I could carry on
    you really do mean the world to me and without you my life would be incomplete.

    I really do love you from the bottom of my heart.

    she has a reflection in her eyes taking me back to the times
    i never had a smile so pure i hope she takes me on tour
    cos i wanna see the world with this girl
    im so proud of this girl

    she makes me laugh and cry baby i dont no why
    i feel like a kid again wanna sit on the swings
    watch the wind breeze threw her hair
    i was outside and everyone was there

    and it makes me so proud when i see her
    so happy when i kiss her
    her lips leave mine tingeling
    she is the purest thing my hearts lingering

    im waiting for just another day to kiss her and let my dreams fly away
    Hey gorgeous.
    Its Leanne.
    Hope Ive got the right guy LOL.

    Just wanna say again thank you so much for everything and I ment it when I said you are one of the most sweetest,most amazing people I have ever met and,no matter what happens,you will always belong in my heart.

    I love you so much baby and I always will.

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