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  • Yooohoo !

    Enjoy:lol: and yes . Ya gottah Leave me one !

    "Hmmmmmmmm that ManKind is so .......:scratch: .......................special

    *SERIOUSLY Claims it*

    " Meaning it's for ME. "
    So I wasnt expecting that ..You know ? So thats cool umm the girl she kickedit lol ! but I like.... papi It is a very nice papi .[Meaning it's for me !!!!]
    Seriously, your voice is beautiful .
    *Claims *
    Seeeeeee, I knew there was somat about cha baby . :bee:
    Hmmm Silence from you .
    I am about for a while so just hit me up if you come back online .
    Eh ????
    Hey :hello:
    YES i did install but thing is .. as my email states [I sent you an email btw] . It really wont install or open My computer is not really well equipted.:boohoo:

    Have a good week :)


    Steady gunning
    Keep on busting at them fools
    You know the rules

    You are just mildly terrified of a somewhat cute muffin :beee:
    Oh no ! 2006 noooo ..It shut down in 2008. Jan 2008 we came over here lol a whole herd of us . Look back at the thread about it haha Yeah there is a thread about it somewhere.... this whole influx of MJNOsers came bum rushing over to here and well hmmm the rest is history
    It was me yep .Require a pass word How about ... Hersmile isscary huh huh :beee:
    Do I sing hmmmmmmmmm
    I do.
    Sup homes ? Messed up on the spanking smiley ?
    damn .
    come on man think yo slick ,you know I got dat ass ! *bites*
    Something on your mind latz ? :0

    *Morphs into the princess royale *
    oh my ! Oh my !

    Where on earth did you get those saucy smilies you saucy sensation You ! :0 goodness me ! Kiss me
    I have a millon and one personalitys in this body !
    Care to get them out ? :busted:
    *throws on wedding dress *
    This will be painless jigs trust me !
    Yes you are good at art. (I need to reply um wow the room is spinning huh there are flyinglovedoves like I mean everywhere !) question is
    Did you like the heart hehe
    I did read that katrina thread I read everything. ..almost
    Ha you should send me the demo
    Falls back onto the latino floor in the room full of latino things with latino magic everywhere
    *stunned silence all around us *

    I am watching netflixs at the moe chuck ! Just watched paid in full . The tatooist ummMmm .
    .... It is indeed a film fest tonight ! Like ... a fountain of film on tap yo ! Ummmmm annnnd Puppetmaster vs demonic toys and killer clowns from outta space! what are you doing ?
    You thought I was sick ? Awwww ooooooooooohhhhhhhh would you nurse me if I was ?
    No don't answer that !
    Looks at you as you suddenly morph or shapeshift into -
    You posioned the kiss ! You brute ! Looks deeply in your sockets where your eyes used to be (at the moment you lookin like Blade from puppetmaster ) tell me you dig that flick I will kiss your eyeballs and serve you forever ! Ahem
    *goes back to being drugged like a slug * !
    Ghostofjealousy. ! Cool
    hmmm well I kind of remember that name
    I mean it rings a bell
    *looks at latino *
    .. Um ...... I
    *snuggles into his cold frame
    ..have always been w ..endija on eve-ry forum since 2006 and um ... Oh oh I feel so oh ohh woozy. Right now like .. It is t --time for napsies .I uhmmmmm *bats eyelashes *
    I .. Guess you ha -av-e finally got ... You got me where you wants meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Ummmmmmm well Its either that or Its cause she want the d from he !
    hehe (.okay now that is naughty ) but ..*giggles* Well.Mmmmm feel so sleeeeeeeeeeep y
    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaahat are you go nna d -d- do to me oh latino sen -sa tion ?

    Aha !
    Choclate candy kisses!
    The dude finally gave me his sweetness ! how sweeeet !
    *unwraps and eats *
    *falls on floor *
    I gotcha baby .

    I am glad you liked the dress Nope son it didn't sound right ...But that is because every time you see my text your brAIIIIn goes to overdrive and then quite clearly into mush doesn't it ? ! :yes: Oh really ? Joined A week after huh ? hmmmmmmmmm

    *Looking at latino sitting with Latino things * You are so squiffy :wub:

    2008 was nuts hahaha .I came here with the others because MJNO got closed.So we got thrown out like lambs .Baby lambs!
    Merrrrp !!

    You were on there too ? ..Oh and You look cute in the picture .I hope there be some more .
    Yo Hakararo ! We were Probably about to do that or create some fire ..burn stuff and uhm .... or... well I know you was about to do that .

    When all of a sudden ...You got hungry and asked for damn cookies !! Did I drug you hmmmmmmm .... Good question .
    Why Yes Jigso .
    Yes I have.

    I am surprised I never got a spanked bumsie for that Jaz maaaaaaaz picture ????.I worked SO damn hard trying to ..find IT .Tryin to pleaze my Latin King or.... cool paul lol or Jigso Or ...Squiffy Latino Sensation ! F-F-Feeling ya babiee!!! :wild: .
    Ahem. Look at mah picture - I got mo' tude than you dude :chillin: [Always in the seaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa]

    here is a nice lovely picture for you look

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