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  • If it is exactly the same, why does it make a different if it into probated or not.

    Also, why would DI think Mrs. Jackson is an executor since that was part of the reason they fought in court for months. Therefor, she had no entitlement to see that will.
    I may sound stupid, but I thought the will was in probated already. Which is why we know that the two wills are similar to each other.

    I do now that the 2002 will was not written by Branca, but his law office.
    I'm speaking about the probate case ; for example, only Branca know the details of the trust, the family wants the 97 will probated but Branca refused to give them a copy (the 97 Will was given by Levitch [former lawyer for KJ]), Branca is the thrid witness (Apparently it's Trudy Green), etc...
    i know, i read some parts of their "investigation"; there are so many holes. Actually, they don't even read the court docs, but they are right on every thing
    Let them try. If they can't even prove themselves here, they have no business acting like they know everything because people will only asked them harsher questions.
    It seems to be a two way connection. Some actually have contact with Joe and they have been feeding each other.
    I would PM this to you, but your box is Anyway, Dangerous Incorporated is taking about IU material on that forum. Go there for more information.
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