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  • hey btw
    do you find some videos of MJ and marilyn which match little bit each other? like the on you showed me were they both were at the pool?
    It was a boring day today.. and Im still bored :p
    oh you had been fan of marilyn in so long time :O thats nice...
    and I can also see you love Jonbenet? I love her too... its so sad :(
    just a innocent angel like her<3
    I had register a username on the website you show me
    My name is MarilynxMichael there
    what is you nickname there?
    Nope, I wasn't beng sarcastic when I thanked you for realising that I was being sarcastic in the thread. :lol: And thanks for your rep. :D
    I found two picture of MJ and Marilyn which match little bit :p

    I only watch one movie from here.. "blond prefer gentlemen" I think it spells like that :p
    heheh :D
    I will try to look at that website... :D thanks!!
    Its really sad :(
    but no.. I just found it on another thread :)
    I had not visit her crypt but some day I'll visit MJ and MM's crypt..
    I have the first picture on my room ;D..
    How long had you been a MM fan? im just a new fan of her in this year so I dont know so much about her ..
    Hi! I want to ask you about the pics of MJ in your sig. From which photoshoot are they from? The Herb Ritts one? Or are they from the set of In the Closet? He looks so dashing! :woohoo:
    Hello there!
    I am contacting you because you have requested a siggy from me a while ago. I am doing a small project now where I mark out on a map where my creations has gone so to speak:)
    Would you mind telling me in which country you live in? If you say which city aswell I would be more than happy but I understand if you want your privacy :)
    I will not mention any names, just mark out with a red dot in a certain country.

    You can soon see the final result on my MySpace page

    Have a lovely day!

    Regards from Stephanie aka. "J_Cat"
    i am so sad i missed you on the appleheads thread! :( i hope we'll be able to be there at the same time
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