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  • actually i get in trouble for them a lot! :lol: because they always think i'm being serious and i get yelled at for being off topic :lol:
    Nah i don't have a collection, i've only been a fan for a few months but i don't think i will start a collection because im running outta space for my MJ one!
    No i didn't but my friend has this gorgeous Marilyn Monroe pencil case and when i saw it, i feel in love with it! It was black and white and little white jewels, so glam! Forgot to ask her where she got it from though. My favourite movie of hers is Gentlemen prefer blondes, what about yours? My six year old sister was watching it with me and she said "whos that woman with that lovely voice?!?!" - LOL!
    Thank you, i love Marilyn Monroe, she's my favourite actress and god she was so beautiful. Why is her head down in ur signature, is that a happy or sad photo?


    yes 'm on MJJB aswell aswell as the section you mentioned!
    Nice to meet you also here!
    erm one more thing...if hqparadise doesn't work it's only temporary it's happens sometimes...just so you know...ok I'm outta here
    oh you want to see her her grave someday? that tells me you are a real fan. I heard she is buried very close to where her last home was it's like a 10 min. walk or something
    what website forum were you talking about earlier? I'm curious I want to visit forums especially MM related I haven't done it in ages MJJC is the only one I visit
    you mean snowhite? it's a way of making fun of myself :D do I visit her site you mean her official site cause there's also everlasting-star it's a very popular MM forum. to be honest I've been a fan for so long I feel there's nothing left for me to learn. what's you fav movie?
    hehe. yes yes. disney is amazing. i've read like four massive biographies on Walt Disney....if i amount to nothing else in life i will go on to be a Disney historian. lol.
    hi...can you please check out my MJ drawing i did in the fan zone..please and thanks..tell me what you think :p thanks a lot!!!
    Thanks...actually my nickname is my name (Daphne) and my middle name and last name initials A.S. but I messed up when spelling it and aded an 'i', so DAPHNIEAS lol

    Daphne is greek though
    awww Thanks.you are sweet too!!!ugh tell me about it, i've been the the IMDB.com board of MJ and all there are is MJ haters always bashing him. they believe the tabliod crap..thats why i don't go there. this place is better
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