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    Brother + Girlfriend Halloween Costumes!

    great find with her pants-i always wanted to dress like ola. her outfit is so different. lol
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    LaToya Jackson at Macy's Glamorama event

    like the red, but i think she could of found a way better version of that very common halter dress. i like that she at least tried glamour, its something modern celebrities fail to achieve or even know anything about.
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    Aretha Franklin wants halle Berry to protray her in new biopic

    -aretha should get over herself, i doubt this movie will be that big on her life. -beyonce should stay away from the acting world. please stay away.
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    Willow Smith's new song "whip your hair" -Merged

    its amazing what doors will open and what talent you can have when you have celebrity parents. no offense to young willow, im glad she has parents who are incouraging no matter what her age, i mean, some parents out there don't care period on what their kids can accomplish. but 'talent' is so...
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    You can switch back to the basic version of images if you want, they put it all the way at the bottom of the page (you know, near those lovely shade of grey boxes you apparently searched for.) i personally hate that whenever i put search words in, and i go to a random site, and then try to...
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    When you listen to Billie Jean what do you picture in your head?

    I picture Billie Jean King playing tennis.
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    The MJ song battle Game.

    enough billie jean lol thriller vs. off the wall
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    Prop 8 Overturned In California

    great, great, great news.
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    a song that sounds very similar to thriller

    You really don't even need to go through what year was what 1:32 you can here Michael's voice saying ''What's the problem'' same as in the end of the music video with Ola. That's one extreme rip! Lol.
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    Alleged MJ Love Child Surfaces -- Wants Money -

    :bugeyed...eeh why did i read that i feel sick. why don't these love childs know they pop up like weeds whenever a celebrity dies. oldest trick in the book.
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    Famous people that are impossible to hate

    i don't see Mr. Rogers? american kids of the 80s knew him...he wanted to be your neighbor, take you to the land of make-believe, changed his shoes 30 times a day and tried to out tacky the Cosby sweaters. :P no matter what people said you couldn't help but go ''awww mr. rogers'' Uploaded with...
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    This guy is crazy lol his top ten MJ songs

    Re: this guy is crazy lol his top ten mj songs ew pyt ROTFLMFAO
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    Black parents and white baby

    she looks like a porcelain doll! i'll take her home if they still think she's not theirs. :P isn't there africans with blonde hair and black skin whom don't look mixed somewhere in africa.