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  • Want you to find some kisses on your wall when you come back here :heart: :
    {mwah}{mwah} {mwah}{mwah} {mwah}{mwah} {mwah}{mwah} {mwah}{mwah}
    How 'you doing hun? You've been 'running around' in my mind lately ;) Hope you're okay... HUGS <3
    Aww thank you for the rep points :) ((((((hugs))))))
    I do girl :D
    I'm NOT into 'false hope' though... I 'hate' that... That is what "adults" do... They give you hope in 'empty promises' and I NEVER wanna be like them...
    Oh yeah, I seem STRONG though... thats just my 'armor'... My 'shield' ... Inside I'm 'broken and glued together again' ;) Sounds poetic I know but its the HONEST truth...
    I had 'sunk' into a "depression" in May :( but Gaz and all the wonderful MJ Fans here have 'dugged' me out of the ditch I had fallen into ;)

    So, hun... Please keep your head up ;)

    L.O.V.E Daryll748
    Hey, girl!!
    I´ve just posted a new poem that I´ve created on June 25, this year. It´s in the section "Michaelmania" - "To My Dearest Michael".
    Yes, it´s also a bit sad ´cause I felt very sad and lonely when I wrote that. I would be glad if you could leave a comment there. Thanks in advance, girl!!! :)
    Hope you´re doin´ fine. I´m not online very often - it was really stressful this June. I´ll try to be online more often during the summer months. Take care, girl!!
    Don´t stop ´til you get enough!!! ;)
    Ow sweetie, thaank you :hug: . I'll maybe use the pic next Saturday :cry: .
    Your username is wonderful, too :heart:.
    Hope you're well (kind of, at least). Mwah.
    I am just a little bit disappointed from your last comments about Islam. That´s all. No hard feelings. ;)
    Yeah, that´s right girl. Hope you´ve had a wonderful day. :)
    Take care!!!
    Hey, girl!!
    Long time no talk. I hope you feel good. Please, don´t forget that-I´m always here for you. Would be great to talk to you again. ;)
    Take care, girl!!
    Don´t stop ´til you get enough!!! :)
    No problem hun. ;)
    I cant even imagine how complicated things are there and how hard it must be. You did good, you have to live your own life and have a little peace inside. I wish you all the best! One day you will be free. :hug:
    Hi :) Gaz is going to be upgrading soon so things may change during that time and before.. It might come back once the upgrade is complete.
    Hope you are well, Persian warrior. ;)
    How things in Iran these days? I don't hear anything new on the news anymore. hope you and your family are safe. :heart:
    Thank you ever so much for the nice message and the points. The poem, however, is not mine. It is part of a song known as Gloomy Sunday, written in 1933, by Hungarian composer Rezső Seress.
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