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  • Hi sorry, MichaelsGuardianAngel..

    you posted me for a long time ago but I answer so late *my fault*...

    I don`t checked my box, so sorry.

    Keep the faith and I wish you a nice day:)
    "Hello. I am the Happiness Fairy, I've sprinkled happy dust on you. So, Smile dammit. This shit is expensive!!!!"*** LOL. Thanks for writing, I'm ok, wishing you a wonderful weekend. If you'd like to chat drop me the line.
    Why, thank you! I believe very strongly in colorful, cute lines. Oh yes!

    And thanks for stopping by my proflie, too. ^_^
    Yes, God yes! Those movies has had large part in my upbringing and when people ask me about my beliefs I usually end up using STAR WARS as to exmplify:) That´s one of the things I miss in the new three though, I mean, there´s some good quotes, absolutely, like: Fear leads to angre, angre leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. But that´s more spinning off the first three than matching them, if you know what I mean? And politically it´s updated to handle global kapitlism and americas foreign politics in specific which is really cool, instead of colonialism which was even more on the political agenda in the late 70s. Cred to Lucas for that. But over all, the last three (I,II,III) are much more flat when held up next to the older ones, which have many levels with alot of space between them.. Wow, I really love them!

    It´s an enjoyable lesson though!;)
    Haha, I'm probably more of a rebel than an empire withholder. But it's real cool when one has watched the 4th and wait for the sequel to see what happens with Luke's destiny after watching his family and mentor get killed by the evil Darth Vader and him becoming a hero, ONLY to realize that STAR WARS really is about Darth Vader, not Luke. It's a perspective changer of the finest kind, typical for good sci-fi and fantasy. It's magic. Total magic.
    I sure am! Big time! Well.. I'm a fan of the saga and of the IV-VI films. The last three (I-III) I like but they're not even in the same league. They get better and better though - the third one is closing in - but it's still just good, not STAR WARS. You?

    Btw, sorry I haven't answered 'til now, don't own a computor and had a bit too much to do in school to check the forum for some time now..!
    hehe thanksies. i like your avatar too. it's .. well it's cute and i've always loved it :p i've always had a fascination with fairies...and of course, it all started with good ol' tink hehe
    Aww thanks hun, well it's true, I think they must be what angels sound like when the Jacksons are singing! xx
    thanks! yeah i think i have my avatar in a bigger size.
    I want to apologize if I have made you felt insulted. I honestly did not mean to insult you, or your post. I took it too far, and said some rude things. Very sorry.

    helloo, how you doin? hope your doin well =D I thougt why I just don't add you as my friend! :D see ya!
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