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  • about your pm, thanks so much. I'm glad to meet you.
    Bless you.

    Have a great weekend. :flowers:
    So keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you nothing but a peaceful revolution done right! Bless you for standing up and be counted!!
    Hang in there.

    Thinking about the situation in your country makes my heart a bit heavy.

    Take care and may God watch over you, your family and all Iranians.

    :scratch:its being difficult to retrive and it wont allow me to copy and paste it here . do you have an email i will gladly send it to you .

    edit -i have sent it to your msn address . i hope it gets there .:angel:
    HEY :huggy:
    dont be shy around me hun , i got the avvy from a picture on another forum randomly.
    and as i can remember, yes it is a big picture .il see if i can get it .
    hold on .x
    HELLO :waving:
    my siggy ? is it lovely ? :wub: thanx you honey. very kind of you to comment . its ...two emotional pictures i strung together with matching emotional text i wrote myself .
    i only have them the size we see .which i shall place below for you :angel:... to be honest, i hadnt finished doing the siggy .
    it is halfway in progress :doh: lol ...but im glad you find it appealing though :huggy: so ty for kindness and for taking notice of it ...xxxx much blessings and love. :angel:

    Yes I do, if you want to add me on MSN I can send it there. My addy is :)
    No prob, girl!!! :)
    I´ve already given you the link to the Michael Jackson Tribute protrait. Just scroll down on your profile messages. :)
    Take care!
    That´s good, girl!! Try to be positive - I´m sure Michael would also want you to be happy.
    Thanks for that, girl!!
    But, please - don´t cry. Michael is well - my friend saw him in his typical pose (from "Heal The World??) - where he opens his arms wide, his eyes closed and his head leaned back. Do you know which pose I mean??
    Hi, girl!!!
    Please, check out my poem. I´ve created it today. It´s in the section "Fans" - "Fan art". Please also leave a message there. I think that Michael has helped me to create that poem. Thanks in advance!!
    Thank you :hug: I truly do love him and I know you love Him just as much. I can see it in the way you're writing to Him. Much love for you :heart:
    You have to believe things will get better honey, you just have to. I know they will, i really do :)

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