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  1. Best prints for each album?

    Regarding Thriller, some days ago I found the MoFi SACD fantastic. Now that I took time to rip my MoFi vinyl and compare, I find that the One-Step vinyl adds somewhat more details and presence. (I think that vinyl is quite dependant on the gear used so: I played with an Audio Technica AT33Sa...
  2. Underrated Jackson 5/Jacksons/young MJ songs

    (Pretty much all the Motown career, (but if I select a few songs right now, not thinking too much and trying not too repeat too much from already mentionned ...) - Make Tonight All Mine (not really caring about the lyrics but great melody and singing I think.) - To Make My Father Proud (same...
  3. First release year for each 34 Thriller 40 tracks?

    Corrected: Can't Get Outta The Rain actually first appeared on The Girl Is Mine 7" (released in October 1982), not Billie Jean 7" (which was real was release later in 1982).
  4. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Probably ... but even if it's random, I still didn't get an accurate reading ... Or maybe they thought to some dumb people would waste time trying to decode it !
  5. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    I realised that the barcode that is scanned does not match the actual lines on the image. Contrast problems. So I tweaked them a bit more in Photoshop and this time I got 282119282540. Which is the FedEx number of a package that was delivered on 2021-08-10 to someone name JJoey in Encino...
  6. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Not sure what you are trying to show ... with the line you added on the chin, star to vaguely like late MJ. But maybe I'm missing a reference ...
  7. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Well, I took a local screenshot, put it in Photoshop, removed color, improved constrat, reduced width by 50%, and my code bar app scanned: 8425402282540 If I look for in Brave Browser search bar, I find stuff about Apple TV Siri remote (2n generation) (no idea but I guess it's old. But Brave...
  8. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    The bar code still appears further in the video. I think bar codes can only contain number, not letters (not sure).
  9. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    My MoFi order still read "Unfulfilled".
  10. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Just thinking it makes me think of promotion campaigns for NFT projects ... Supposed to be who???
  11. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Any idea if the bar code at 0:10 (bottom right) has any significance? Tried to scan it, no success.
  12. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    That is true for anything that you don't own a readable physical copy for (by physical, I mean, it may be well-preserved files on hard drives). The Internet is ever-changing and no one is liable for preserving anything that some other people consider some kind of immutable legacy.
  13. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    My brain! I'm dying...
  14. The evolution of Carousel releases and hypothesis about how it sounds (and guest CGOTR)

    After checking with someone who knows the details better than I do, it is reported that the version that Michael Sambello posted was 4:08 and did not have extra lyrics sung by MJ. And that would be indeed the fourth track mentionned in initial post.
  15. The Estate are refusing to promote Thriller 40

    I think this thread is mostly about people wanting Chicago 45 and Dream Away released... It could be totally distinct from what they think of Thriller 40 actually.