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  • Happy Birthday, Megan! I hope that the best of everything is yet to come for you. Best wishes!
    Happy Birthday, Megan! I wish you a wonderful year ahead, with all of your secret wishes coming true!
    Hi Megan. What a terrible ending to Michael's story. I hope you are alright at this time. Lucy
    hmmm.. I can send you the screens for better video settings, but I have a special new tool, which I have to learn you, it is not video improve setting and it is a bit complicated
    I will send you video settings screens in microsoft word and then you have to go on msn next days so I can tell you the other special tool, okay?
    send me message of some news of our project please ;)

    thanks for your uploads as well :)
    Hi Megan!
    I just happened to notice that it's your birthday today. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day and a really successful year ahead, with lots of your wishes coming true. Best wishes, Lucy
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