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  • Am New here thnk you for letting me joint but How van you PM? It asks for username wen I type you in nothing happens (mobile site)
    Merry Christmas!!! :hug:

    Hello I hope everything is well by the way thank you for all your love and dedication to Michael and his fans. This past Saturday I was at the Space Shuttle Endeavour's final historical voyage to the Los Angeles California Science Center. Debbie Allen Academy put a great show for the celebration and I would like to share this video it is not a good quality but I was so happy to see Michael Jackson was part of the historical celebration, I thought you might like to see that you can share it with the rest of the MJfam. Thank you again.Peace. By the way I didn't take the video someone else did.
    Hello. If it's possible, can i have a question? What are the conditions to see section 2000 watts? Thank you for your time.
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