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  1. Michael's $1.5M 'Gone With the Wind' Oscar Is Missing

    Agree i am happy for his too a long time coming.
  2. Left you a message in Staff Reports Pat:)

    Left you a message in Staff Reports Pat:)
  3. I left you a message in staff Report Pat:)

    I left you a message in staff Report Pat:)
  4. The Jacksons' relationship with Michael

    Let's immediately stop the personal attacks and arguing in this thread.
  5. Donated but no "premium" account

    Glanni, Thank you for your donation in support of MJJCommunity. We are processing it and your account will be upgraded by Gaz as soon as possible. Members will never be cheated of their money or access to Club MJJC features. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  6. Leaked emails update (Michael Jackson)

    THREAD CLOSED This thread has been closed due to the less than civil debates that have been taking place. MJJC is not the place for attacking one another because of divergent opinions and such behaviors will not be tolerated. If you cannot agree, agree to disagree. If someone attacks another...
  7. MJJC Q&A: Steve Barron- Submit Your questions now!

    Hello MJFam! We have some exciting news to share with you all- MJJC will be holding a Q&A session with Steve Barron, famed film and music video director and producer. Mr. Barron has worked on such movies as the original 1990 version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 1993's Coneheads, and the...
  8. People sing They Don't Care About Us at US protest

    THREAD CLEANED! This thread has been cleaned. Consider this a general warning for any continuation of this argument. Racist remarks and conspiracies are not allowed on MJJC, neither are attacks directed towards anyone's personal beliefs or ethnic backgrounds. Any users who continue to engage in...
  9. [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    Re: [Discussion] Wade Robson files claim of sexual abuse against MJ-Estate Not correct, personal blogs are that "personal" thus about yourself, Your site's content is about Michael Jackson has news/info about Michael Jackson thus is in direct competition with MJJC and its Michael Jackson...
  10. People who think Michael's guilty but still buy his music

    Attention! Thread Closed. After review by staff, it has been decided this thread is no longer a beneficial contribution to our community. It has brought nothing but negativity, setting members against each other to the point where the original topic isn't even being discussed anymore. Instead...
  11. MJJC Needs Your Help!

    Dear MJJCFam: We never wanted to do this, but unfortunately the time has come and feel that the inevitable is upon us. MJJC is facing certain financial difficulties and we need your help. Since MJJC is funded entirely by your donations, we felt we owed it to you to be transparent with you how...
  12. Official MJJC Change My Name Thread

    Re: Official MJJC Change My Name Thread (Only Once is allowed) CarouselKis, you are now TheManinTheMirror.