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  • Hey honey, I hope you are ok. :( Sending you love and hugs. :hug:
    Thinking of you...xx
    I feel the same about seeking professional help, I am so messed up but I dont think they wouldnt understand how I feel. I think only fans would understand how we feel because we are all feeling this massive amount of pain together
    :( Anytime you want to chat I am here :hug:
    hi Micah.
    Just read ur post about professional help etc.
    you sound like how I also feel. :-(
    Totally gutted.
    Trouble is how do u know u got a genuine MJ person in smaritans?
    You can chat to me anytime.
    regarding your question ....
    that is up to Gary ... i will forward your request

    a quick solution to your dilema would be to select an alternate skin for the forum. I know at least one skin, 'this is it', does not have that graphic on it

    skins without the dates:
    This Is It
    Nation to Nation
    Plain-no mj
    I'm going also in 29th of september

    can u go to my last theard and apply your thoghts about how can we see each other and stuff ?
    hi...seems we go same dates london july 8th abd sept. 16 th... where r u from? i am from germany and my name is belinda
    I am the same with the VHS tapes I have too many now that why I wanted to get rid of them LOL. Currently I am sifting theough what I have and putting the best bits on DVD. I have alot of footage and maybe you have the same amount so I am wondering is there much we can swap with? Sorry about the PM thing I have changed the setting now.
    Yes I do remember you :) and how have you been keeping? With regard to videos I am auctually selling my VCR Collection now so if you still have my video list I am selling all my stuff of that list. Let me know if there is anything you are interested in. Send me a PM and we can discuss other detials that way like address and price for videos etc.
    aaaa... great
    The package came today morning
    thankss sooo much, havent opened yet because I am at school now till 17:00

    I can tell you in 2 hours :) or earlier if all is fine
    thanks already
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