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  • Now I am browsing messages.... I've been absent from this Board for so long..... I am glad you love Osho! I got almost all his books in library and also lot of PDF files.... :)
    Hi there,
    I love your avatar!! I'd like to who which program u use to export it this this rich .gif? Mine always lose quality so im stuck with flash :(
    Awesome work! U have more?
    X Nathalie
    Thank you for writing to me. :weeping: Sorry, I can't smile without my beloved Michael. I am missing him so much, and I want to be with him so very badly. :cry: I truly hope you take care. Thank you for the beautiful gift and thank you for your kind words. Many, many hugs and comfort for you my dear friend. Love always, Fran.
    Oh, I just left you an answer and then realized I left at on my page...well, ahem. oops. Hope you're hanging in there, it's hard, really.
    Yes do let me know! I hope you are doing ok too...I'm hangin' in there myself. Much love :hug:
    You are welcome my dear friend. I am truly grateful for your friendship. Thank you my dear friend. You are always in my thoughts. :huggy:

    Love you,
    Hey, I just saw by accident on Amy's profile that you're looking for a way to hook up your piano. I wrote about that in my blog and don't be deterred by the lack of a piano. What kind of keyboard is it, it is midi capable? All I needed for my casio (no usb, just midi) something to hook it through, an adapter. You can use these adapters with all kinds of programs.
    Well I think it works fine with Acid...you'll need to double check that. If it does, all ya need is the right cords and you can attach a guitar/piano/mic to it and record away! :) I actually have a keyboard I use as well but it attaches straight to a USB port in my computer so I don't even need an Mbox for that. Not sure what kinda setup you have. Anyway, have fun! :flowers:
    Aww thank you! :huggy:
    Oooh yes that one! I'm still working on that one actually. :) I've been preoccupied with some things and haven't been able to write anymore. Hopefully I'll get some more done this week.

    Aww:better: Is everything OK?

    I've wanted to write since I was young. If I get really good at it and write stuff people would want to see then maybe I will :wild:

    It's private so I'll talk to one of the girls about getting you there. ;) Send Seven a PM and she could help you. :cheeky:
    I'm doing wonderful, thank you!
    How have you been?

    :giggle: Which one?
    I'm still working on one right now. It's on it's I believe 7th chapter.

    Have you been to the FB group?
    Oh yay another songwriter! :dance: Well, I used GarageBand, a program on the Mac, to record and arrange my songs. Do you have a Mac? GarageBand is very user friendly...makes it super easy...I love it. You just gotta have a nice input system like an Mbox to get nice recordings into the program. I'll hookup a microphone and my guitar to the Mbox and record that way. If you don't have a Mac, I think the program Acid will allow you to get nice recordings with an Mbox as well. Or you can even just use your built in microphone on your monitor (if you have one) for rough recordings...if you can't afford an Mbox. Good luck!
    Hey, Hi!!
    Can you please tell me how i can also besides my avatar pic here, put the `proud to be a Member of MJJC`pic????Please, i want that too!!!
    Your welcome! :hug:

    Hope you've had a wonderful day with lots of fun!

    Well, I'm still sad and depressed, as always.

    A lot of love, hugs and kisses to you xxx
    Thank you dear...what a pleasant surprise to hear from you! I'm glad that people didn't forget me around here although I haven't posted so much lately...I'm still sad and depressed.. Hugs and much love :heart:
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