Michael Jackson Moonwalk
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  • Hehe. It's actually Charlie. So not really a professional, just a little extra help.:p
    Oooh I LOVE dogs! I'm actually dog sitting my brother's dog at the moment. hehe.
    Aww Well I just called ticketmaster and they said it won't be shipped out until a few days until the event. So that means I won't get it for another week or so lame:(...I ordered early thinking It would come earlier.
    hehe I do too:wub:
    Stuck on chapter 1 still. It should be good though. I have an editor helping me with it. :p
    Not so good:( No one is hiring still but I'm going to be dog sitting for my friend for the last 2 weeks of this month.
    Did you order the Opus?
    I'm doing great thank you:D
    How are you?

    The story? It's coming along. It's taking longer than I thought but it's slowly coming along.:D
    Hi lovely,you are soo sweet, thank you. You don't need to be sorry. I dont feel too good, I am very depressed tonight.. The pain at the moment is unbearable. I have a constant headache, I'm emotionally exhausted, but I'm trying my best to stay strong.. How about you?

    Sending you hugs xxx
    You made me cry. Thank you for trying to help me. I appreciate it. I am very down at the moment, but I'll be Ok.. I cried all day.. I just can't get over what happen to Michael and I know I need.. I can't stop crying and I feel so sad... :(

    I don't think I can cope anymore. Living is getting really hard. Sorry if I'm not making much sense, just a vent..

    Thank you for being so understanding.... I love you! :heart:
    hello there , :waving: aww...Your are so very welcome hun ,
    :huggy: i hope you are doing well yourself :yes::huggy:
    Aw we love and miss you over in the macro thread.:huggy:
    I'm writing another story at the moment but it's taking longer to write since it's not all mushy and romancy it has some serious aspects to it.
    Yes please!:D I would love for you to send me your avatar picture.:wub:
    Hi there! Thank you so much. I am so lost right now!all I can think about is Michael!! I just keep thinking, "I need him, I need him." *sigh* This is so rough sometimes. My heart is aching for Michael, I miss him so dearly. I wish that I knew what to do with all this grief...I know it has a purpose, I just...I don't know how to describe how my heart is feeling. :weeping:

    Thanks again. Goodnight to you..
    hi......aaaw yeah everyone always asks me for that picture..........i'm afraid i don't have it any bigger which is why i use it as the avatar. i have asked many times for it but no one seems to have it xx
    uuhhh I love it!! :D thank youuuu for sending me your fanfic!! :jumpy:
    Well concerning the picture on my signature, unfortunately I downloaded it as a LQ small scan.
    However, I found out that this picture was gonna be placed in The Official Michael Jackson Opus. There is a preview of it on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6ltZ40FPbI&feature=player_embedded#
    Anyway I captured the bigger version from youtube for you:
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