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  • I agree...Off The Wall is the epitome of disco. I adore disco but when I born there wasn't any more. The gold season of music. How long have you been Michael's fan??
    Hi Michael _lover .I am good thank you . I hope you are too . Don't worry about that ole Agent M he is rather outspoken around these parts hehe
    Hi...how are you?? Nice to meet you first of all!! Yes I agree with you. As I have already said, Bad for me is an icredible album...yes maybe it would have 3 discs..ahahahaha!! Which is your favorite album??? If you have one. I adore ''Invincible'' and second ''Michael'' and after all other.
    Hey :) i was just speaking to you on the chat, but my internet is playing up and it wont load properly now so ill reply here. I think BAD was a masterpiece as it is, and there are always some very hard decisions they have to make with cutting songs. The main thing is we can still hear them now anyway :) if i had it my way, every album would have 3 discs haha :)
    I have to leave for a few hours but ill be back, nice chatting
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