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  • Hi ;) I've just sent you an invitation on facebook, so don't be surprised ;)
    Hope everything's ok. I know I disappear all the time, forgive me ;)
    I hope you feel better :hug: If you want to make some kind of bday sign maybe that is easier for you? If you do be sure and send them to adamsbirthdayproject@hotmail.com thanks!! :)
    Michaele did you still want to be in the video? Im working on editing it and need another sign for "music" let me know thanks! :)
    Sure thing!!! No Problem!! :hug:
    Michaele, do you think you can have it next week sometime? I can wait for you!!! The way I am editing it, its very easy for me to just add a picture in. Just let me know :flowers:
    I hope you feel better!!! :yes:
    thanks so much for that! it was so beautiful and I enjoyed it!!! :)
    Merry Christmas!

    that hugg was truly needed ..

    i will order some pizza for us:phone: and:pizza: then we can go on the hunt lookin :wild:for some new ones :yes::p
    :shout: come back annnnd give me itttttttttttttt:{meaning the hug of course :lol:}
    il like it :giggle:
    i owe you a mutitude of huggs dont i :blush:
    awww lol!! I wish you could come with me!!! I just bought a new camera but im still trying to figure out how to use it. I will take some videos and show you when I get back!!! btw its very cold here...like only 10 degrees. I hope Adam brings a warm coat!!
    :hug: I am feeling a little better now. Dont forget Adam will be on Ellen today! :)
    lol!! I just found out Adam is closing the show tonight. I am spazzing!
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