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  • awww thanx you for accepting hun ,*smile*ohhhh dont we need smileys !! lol ... yeah im ok , a bit tied up at the moe with the kids,some family stuff BUT ..... but apart from thatn all is fine , how are you ? nah i dont have many friends i jus yapp alot LMao. k well , squuuezzzzybiggghuggggggs from me to you . stay blessed my beautiful michale gal . x
    That's great you had a good day, a good good one :p
    I understand you very well. I feel like that too (only since December 2007 o_O). I chose LO im. Waldemara Milewicza (na Woli).
    :) It went good I think. I wasn't stressed that much. lol. Now I hope I'll go to high school where I'd love to. Yeah...I'm ok. But at school is hell. You know...May..school's ending in one month. Gahh...I'll survive ;)

    what about you? how's life?
    :) I hope your day is going well.

    Take care,
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