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  • Hello!! :)
    Yes, Tamara, that was the one :) He's soo adorable there!! thanks!

    Abbey..what are you doing tonight?
    Hello...Yes it's getting cold here where I live as well. Thank you 4 the Michael Love!! :D
    Here's some Michael Lovin' back at you... he's lookin' serious here ;)
    Hello! Sure you can call me Soul Dreamer or Tamara :lol: I'm in the USA as well..the East Coast. Here's one of the pics. Johanne was trying to post I believe.. I tried fixing for you all ok? Is this the one?

    Hehe, it's always forest around or near us here in Norway you know. That's one of it's beauties ;) hehe
    DAMN..I thought I had learned it now, to post pics...isn't it the same you do here, that you do elsewhere on this forum??! lol
    Aaaw, the pic didn't show:( Yes, I'm "here"..I am probably always online, since my computer is always on, hehe, but not always here if u know what i mean,lol. :) How was you're monday? What are you doing now? Just home relaxing? I'm watching ER, George Clooney is back:)
    What?? You found a new military jacket? Nice!:D SO funny you mention that, cause I have been online for the past hours searching on exactly "military jackets", MJ style. Where did you buy it? I wanna see a picture so bad lol :D Ah, have you seen the Balmain military jacket, black with silver on it, SOO MJ, and Beyonce have it. My sunday have been boring..and no stores are open on sundays here. Only gas stations and 7eleven's :/ So not much for us Norwegians to do on sundays..usually everyone go hiking, skiing and stuff..always something "outdoorsy" and sporty on sundays..which can be reeally hard if you've been out the day before:| lol
    what in the world are you doing on this sunday, you haven't been on all day!!:D miss u here!
    I have twitter..not that i tweet much, none of my friends have it..and those few who have it, dont use it..and i do it rarely too...it's not a big thing here in Norway, I only have all kinds of celebrities lol. I'll add you now:)
    I'm here! It's already eleven o'clock here...but I know myself, I wont be going to bed in a couple of hours at least. Was supposed to watch a movie tonight..but it's already pretty late, and now i bet i'm not going to be able to get off here in a while lol ;) tell me what youre getting for dinner when you get back(im always interested in that kinda things lol..i told you im a food person hehe) talk to you later :huggy:
    I know!! It's incredible...and yes I'm def going to see it again!! I think it will be really different from seeing it the first time, since I was soo concentrated and scared of blinking and just missing a second of it, that i think i actually "missed" much of it since i didnt really relax...hehe, if you know what i mean?? I have nothing to do tonight, so Im going to check out if there are any tickets left, and then I'm seeing it tonight again.. ;) what was one of your fav moments in the movie? :)
    btw..dont bother buying any candy or something for the movie..I bought popcorn, but i didnt have the "time" to eat it..i didnt want to hold it throughout the movie and i couldnt take my eyes away from the screen to "find" the popcorn on the floor.lol

    But enjoy...and relax..dont be nervous, i was super nervous myself..but there was no need for me to be soo nervous as i was..it doesnt try to play on your emotions too much..of course i teared up..but try to just enjoy it, him :huggy:
    Ah, I know the feeling! It's very frustrating! Don't worry about it...what do you mean "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome"..what's that? :( Hope it will pass..does it hurt writing then?? Dont think about the message, post on this forum and write me whenever you want to, and your hand is better :) We just keep it shorter over here, so your hand doesnt hurt from writing too long messages :)
    By the way...I saw This Is It last night!! You are seeing it tonight, right... :huggy:
    17.49, or 17:59 now since it took me ten minutes to answer. Then it's only 5 hours then. You are 5 hours behind me..thats not so much.
    yay!:) By the way..how much is the time where you are now? I wonder how many hours we have in time difference.
    Hey, don't worry about that. I just got back home like an hour ago, so I haven't been on here since wednesday! Even though I had a great vacation in Italy, I missed mjjc and talking to you:huggy: I saw you had written me a message, I have to read it tomorrow though..I am soo sleepy, my eyes hurt..can't concentrate.. Been a long day.
    One thing I can say for sure, is that it was NOT the last time I visited Rome, that city is so amazing and beautiful!

    And again, thanks for posting pics of beautiful Michael on my wall;)

    Good night :huggy:
    Hi Abbey! Leaving for Italy now in an hour.. Soo wont be back until monday night.
    Take care, talk to you soon! :huggy:
    Hehe, sounded maybe weird.."fixed" my hair..but what do you say? I cut it and put some "stripes" in it.. on the top, where it had grown out my real colour..know what I mean?? lol.. Yes, I have to try the picture thing..i will i will :)
    btw..take your time answering my message.."run" around on the boards now, I'll follow for a little while:p ;)
    You're ON!! We are never on at the same time! I just finished my gift to my dad and stuff..and going to bed, but i predict I'm going to stay on here for a little while no:D Hahaha, but when I start writing, I can just write and write forever..lol
    Hey girlie:) It was good, I went to the hairdresser and "fixed" my hair, I feel soo much better now:) How about you, how was your weekend??
    Aww, what a greeat first message! That picture was just perfect...I dont want more messages now, so I can just look at that, joking lol, but it was niice.. :love:
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